Why you should upgrade to Veritas NetBackup 8.3

Veritas Netbackup provides multicloud protection to leading organizations around the world. As a current user of Veritas NetBackup, you already have best-in-class protection for your business-critical data. NetBackup is the core of Veritas’ Enterprise Data Services Platform. Some of its long list of features include moving, copying and storing data to or between clouds, and driving proactive data compliance and risk identification.

Netbackup 8.3 Release

It should come as no surprise that with the 8.3 release, NetBackup now comes equipped with disaster recovery and ransomware resiliency so you can ensure data integrity, monitor your environment, and recover at scale. Plus, NetBackup now supports the backup and recovery of workloads within cloud environments by leveraging cloud-native snapshot technology on Google, Microsoft Azure, and AWS.

Other New Features

  • Universal Shares includes new form factor support and enhanced management, now available for both appliances and BYO media servers. 
  • Instant access  for SQL Databases and BYO (build your own).
  • Expanded workload capabilities such as Microsoft SQL Self-Service.
  • MSDP direct cloud tiering and manage data in multiple buckets, storage tiers and cloud providers from a single node.
  • Image sharing in the cloud and support for Azure and S3 compatible object storage.
  • Object storage support for client-side deduplication for writing directly to cloud storage.
  • Cloud Snapshot enabling granular recovery.

These new features and functionalities give you the power to simplify, monitor, and optimize your IT infrastructure while standardizing on a single platform, as well as improve operational resiliency from malicious intents such as ransomware, global pandemics, and economic crisis.   

For more information, contact your Ingram Micro Sales rep or Joel Boweya-Ndjoli – your Veritas Channel Account specialist at Joel.Boweya-Ndjoli@ingrammicro.com today to learn more. 

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