Better Together: Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers with Preinstalled Microsoft Windows Server

January 13, 2021 Ingram Micro

IT workers in a small- or medium-sized business (SMB) don’t always have it easy to manage the infrastructure and enable users to be kept productive, and issues abate.  Sometimes only a few individuals manage the IT services, all while trying to accomplish mammoth tasks. Just back in January 2020, Microsoft ended support for Windows 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2. This change required highly-skilled IT professionals to transition organizations. SMBs may not have the in-house skills or budget to perform these types of services.  

A recent explorative study by Prowess Consulting sought to discover a way to ease the burden of deploying servers for time- and cash-strapped IT personnel. The results from the study found a simpler, faster, and less expensive alternative to help IT generalists deploy and support new servers. That option is to invest in Dell EMC™ PowerEdge™ servers preinstalled with Windows Server 2019 software and discounted through select original equipment manufacturer (OEM) licensing. Acquiring Windows Server 2019 at a reduced price enables PowerEdge servers to work right out of the box, saving time and money. Moreover, these servers qualify for Dell ProSupport™ IT-management services that support the entire solution—both hardware and software—after deployment.

Faster, less expensive, simpler, and with better support

Research Summary

OEM Licensing Speeds Time to Value

With Windows Server® 2019 preinstalled, it took 86% less time to deploy a Dell EMC™ PowerEdge™ server. For example, if Company A had to deploy 10 Dell EMC™ PowerEdge™ servers without preinstalled software and Company B had to deploy the same with preinstalled software, it would take Company A nearly four hours and Company B less than 43 minutes.

OEM Licensing Saves Money

Dell EMC PowerEdge servers pre-bundled with Windows Server 2019 OEM licenses can save companies a significant amount of money per server, providing financial relief and reducing risk for small businesses with constrained budgets. Prowess compared the direct costs of licenses on Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd servers for Windows Server 2019. Savings could be as high as 21% (or 206.07 USD) for a standard license and up to 31% (or 1,926.39 USD) for a data centre license.

OEM Licensing Simplifies Tech Support

While the cost savings are significant with OEM licensing of Windows Server 2019 on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, having consolidated tech support for PowerEdge servers might be more beneficial. Dell ProSupport, IT management services, offer a single point of support for the server hardware and software. With a single source for support, your organization will save time and money.

For SMBs, Dell EMC PowerEdge servers work better as an overall solution when bundled with Windows Server 2019 and OEM licensing. We found that this server configuration option lowers costs through our testing and research while easing the burden of server deployments for overworked IT personnel.

For more information on Microsoft Windows Server, contact Chris Pierson - Channel Account Specialist. For Dell Technologies, contact Channel Account Specialist, Grant Sicat

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