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How to Embrace the Digital Signage Trends and Opportunities in 2021

How to Embrace the Digital Signage Trends and Opportunities in 2021

The effect of the 2020 novel Coronavirus pandemic is still being felt in the world's economy, with a significant number of businesses and firms still suffering. Unfortunately, on-screen technology industries were also part of specific sectors that were severely impacted by the regulations revolving around the virus.

However, this misfortune purposely influenced Digital Signage firms that hastily adapted to the new pattern and proffer effective solutions to aid the ongoing pandemic. As expected, these implementations ensured businesses worked smoothly and were more productive than before.

If you wish to opt into the Digital Signage trend and Opportunities in 2021, especially in healthcare and hospitality, this article is for you.

Digital Signage in the healthcare vertical

This series of media display screens can be placed throughout the office to assist the staff, create an engaging setting for your patients, introduce wellness ideas, and establish a safer and more productive work environment.

Essentially, it increases the patients' satisfaction, brings about new ways to communicate with your workers, and reduces the need to print and post new Signage. It has also made it easier for you to share further and sensitive information.

Digital Signage for Doctor Office

Signage can be seen as an important section for the day-to-day running and experience for your patients. It provides individuals with the liberty to easily access the directory list of your doctor's office and location.

Additionally, doctors have the stress-free ability to see their patient's registration policy. Essentially, doctor's office Signage can be a very effective way of creating a memorable experience for your patients.

It can also be a tool that guides the patient in the walkway or lobby to acquire information on some offices. Furthermore, they can be used to note waiting time and even entertain patients on relevant health facts, fun and engaging videos.

Signage in the Hospitals

The hectic problem faced by visitors and patients is alarming in the hospital; while the staff knows their way around, patients will struggle and have a hard time adjusting to the healthcare facilities.

Therefore, creating digital hospital Signage can reduce visitors' stress, helping them comprehend the available services rendered.

Wayfinding Signage in the hospital is a straightforward solution to locating and navigating the various sections of the building.

This factor can also help the patients eliminate the fear of getting lost; it can make prominent places strictly for staff, restricted from entering by the visitors.

Waiting Rooms

The Digital Signage for waiting rooms located in the clinics, doctor's offices, and other medical firms are brilliant ways of reducing the waiting time of your visitors.

The Digital Signage waiting room can bring the opportunity of enlightening or even entertaining your patients. Below are some suggestions for maximum efficacy:

  • Ensure you provide a friendly welcome message to make them more comfortable.
  • Place the registration and check-in other instructions.
  • Place a note on the waiting times.

Self-check In

Patients now have to self-check with the available machines at the entrance; they are no longer exposed to the risk of being affected by pathogens from ill visitors. However, there are some stipulated guidelines to follow, and Digital Signage is the best option for this situation.

Going Touchless

Concerning what the Coronavirus has done, it has become essential to avoid the basic interaction for safety reasons.

In this case, the importance of the Digital Signage with touchless technology becomes apparent, especially when incorporated with alternative screen interaction, such as access control, temperature screening, and hosteling/hotdesking.

  • Access control: Different firms now utilize Digital Signage technologies for installing sanitation schedules and public safety requirements. Also, camera and PA systems are in check to ensure the public keeps to the social distancing rule.
  • Temperature screening: a temperature screen allows an individual to assess their temperature before interacting with the premises, allowing the member of staff to do business without obstruction.
  • Hoteling/hot desking: Many sources, site hoteling, and hotdesking are synonymous but should not be used interchangeably.

Hot desking is a space-sharing practice requiring employees to choose from the available desk or office when they are present at work. It also allows employees to reserve their workstations, like booking a hotel officially.


As the world is changing unpredictably, the need to develop digital technology arises, and one of these technological advancements is Digital Signage. Hopefully, this article gives you a thorough understanding of its efficacy in the health and hospitality industry.

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