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Products & Solutions Overview

At Tenable, we're committed to collaborating with leading security technology resellers, distributors and ecosystem partners worldwide. Together, we are committed to helping organizations of all sizes manage, measure and reduce their cyber risk - and close the Cyber Exposure gap.
Today, over 30,000 organizations around the world rely on us to help them understand and reduce cybersecurity risk. Our goal is to arm every organization, no matter how large or small, with the visibility and insight to answer four critical questions at all times: 
•    Where are we exposed? 
•    Where should we prioritize based on risk? 
•    Are we reducing our exposure over time? 
•    How do we compare to our peers?

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Features & Benefits Summary

Solutions include

  • Nessus Pro: The #1 vulnerability assessment solution
  • Tenable.ep: The most comprehensive risk-based VM solution
  • See everything. Predict what matters. Managed in the cloud
  • See everything. Predict what matters. Managed on-prem
  • Secure Active Directory and disrupt attack paths
  • Tenable.ot: Gain complete visibility, security and control of your OT network
  • Tenable.cs: A developer-friendly, cloud-native application platform
  • Tenable.asm: assess the security posture of your entire attack surface
  • Nessus Expert: #1 Vulnerability Assessment Solution also Secures Cloud Infrastructure and gives visibility into internet facing attack surface
  • Web App Scanning: Simple, scalable and automated Vulnerability scanning for Web Applications.

SMB Promotions - Savings of 10-15%

Partner-generated leads may be eligible for additional discounts. Deal Registration offers incremental discounts to Silver, Gold and Platinum Partners who register new Tenable deals for eligible products.

These discounts range from 10-15% depending on your Medallion Level. Tenable applies these discounts on top of your purchase discount, so they can provide a significant competitive advantage.

In general, new opportunities for and are eligible, while Nessus opportunities are too small to qualify.

Tenable encourages you to register your opportunities for Deal Registration BEFORE you request a quote, because an approved deal registration will grant your company a greater discount on that opportunity. Once your registration is approved, you should then contact the licensing group at your distributor to request a firm quote or to place an order.

The Getting Started Guides for Marketing and Sales offer steps by step instructions on Lead Management and Deal Registration. As a practice leader, please make sure your teams are registering and tracking these opportunities so you can take advantage of Tenable marketing funds and deal registration discounts. Learn more.

How to get help at Ingram Micro

For more information on Tenable solutions, contact your Ingram Micro sales rep or:
Ben Elkington  or Sherrie Quagliana from Tenable.

Learn More 

Our 2022 on demand partner conference. Hear keynotes from executives and explore product and solution booths. Learn more.

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