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Products & Solutions Overview

The work dynamic is evolving. With employees now spending more time working outside of the traditional office, there is a heightened need to work smarter and stay connected. To accomplish this, employees need the tools to communicate clearly and instantly. Quality of audio and video is inseparable from productivity-allowing everyone to see and hear clearly the first time and sound professional. Poly empowers teams to work as one, wherever in the world they may be. Our headsets, speakerphones and video solutions, along with AI-powered solutions, distraction-free audio, and exceptional service, erase distance and amplify the exchange of ideas. And we’re not satisfied until no one can remember whether you were on the screen or in the room. These tools help workers relax and concentrate—and achieve more. To see Poly’s solutions for any work environment, view their product catalog here.

Features & Benefits Summary

All Poly USB and Bluetooth headsets, as well as personal speakerphones, are seamlessly compatible with the most popular voice platforms. Our solutions provide excellent audio quality for both you and those on the other end of the call – no matter your platform of choice. Poly personal video devices are easy to install and ensure you always look and sound your best with high-performance cameras that compensate for lighting imbalances. Poly devices prevent distracting noises and side conversations from interrupting your meetings with built in NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technology.  With Poly Lens, IT gains robust cloud management and troubleshooting of every device from anywhere.

SMB Promotions 

Poly Studio P5 professional webcam

Poly Studio P15 webcam

Sync Family

Headset Acceleration

How to get help at Ingram Micro

For more information about Poly solutions, contact your Ingram Micro sales rep, or the Ingram Micro Poly Team.

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