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Understanding The Power Of An Integrated And Architectural Approach To IoT

Understanding The Power Of An Integrated And Architectural Approach To IoT

IoT (the Internet of Things) is a powerful tool, and as global connectivity and technology continue to evolve, its importance will only grow. By 2027, the IoT market is expected to reach a value of $1,407 billion – as compared to just $250 billion in 2019.

But why is IoT so powerful, and how can you make sure you utilize it correctly to add value to your organization and IT systems? Great question. The answer is simple. Using an integrated and architectural approach to IoT!

What Is An Integrated And Architectural Approach To IoT?

Integrated, in this context, means that your IoT systems are not just “another part” of your IT assets – but are closely integrated with the other tools and systems you use. In this way, IoT becomes more than just another element of your systems, and turns into a mission-critical asset that helps improve every aspect of your business.

And “architecture” refers to the overall planning and implementation of your systems. It’s about finding areas where IoT can help, implementing the proper solutions, and continuing to make adjustments and improvements to your IoT systems over time.

Why does this matter? Let’s look at a few benefits that you will enjoy when you work with qualified IoT experts to implement IoT using an integrated and architectural approach.

Leverage A Broad IoT Ecosystem

Digitizing the physical world is complex. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Using the right approach to IoT allows you to assess your specific needs, understand how IoT can help, and implement solutions that are cost-effective, results-based, and integrate well with your existing technological platforms.

Integrate And Unify Your Systems To Improve Business Outcomes

Adding IoT to your business should not be a “goal” in and of itself. It’s another tool – another way you can improve your business outcomes and deliver value.

Working with the right IoT partner for an integrated, architectural approach to IoT reduces complexity. It allows you to closely integrate and unify your systems to simplify administration, improve usability, and improve your overall business outcomes.

Basically, with the right IoT tools, you’ll be able to spend less time administering your IT systems – and more time focusing on your bottom line.

Enjoy Better Flexibility & Scalability

It’s important to understand that IoT is not a “one-and-done” solution. Like any other IT system, IoT requires continuous development to meet your company’s changing needs and to scale up with your business.

Using a top-down IoT methodology focused on integration and robust data architecture means that you can improve your overall time to value, and create IoT systems that are able to scale up effectively – and are flexible enough to change with your company over time.

In contrast, using a “piecemeal” approach to implement IoT solutions one by one often results in fractured data, redundant tools, and difficulties scaling and adjusting to new business needs.

This is just one of the many reasons why it’s very important to hire a reputable, well-known IoT firm like Ingram Micro to assist with the development and implementation of IoT systems.

Monitor Results & KPIs With A Single-Pane-Of-Glass Approach

If there’s one thing that the renewed focus on BI (Business Intelligence) has taught us in the last decade, it’s that all of the data in the world can’t help you improve and transform your business unless it can be properly stored, organized, and analyzed.

This is the final – and perhaps one of the most important – benefits of using an integrated and architectural approach to IoT. Using modern integration tools, you can consolidate and transform your data into a “single-pane-of-glass” structure – meaning that you can access, view, analyze, and work with your data in a single, unified dashboard.

You won’t need to bother with multiple data silos, dashboards, vendor logins, and other complications. This simplifies administration, and makes it much easier to gain valuable business insights from your IoT data – powering digital transformation at your business.

Investing In IoT? Invest In The Right IoT Partner For Better Results

IoT is a powerful tool. But to transform your business with IoT, you need to be able to implement it properly. And that’s where Ingram Micro comes in. As IoT experts, we can assist you in developing an integrated, architectural approach to the Internet of Things.

Get in touch with us now to learn more about our skills and expertise, and see how Ingram Micro and our vendor partners can help with digital transformation at your organization.

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