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Building a Successful Cloud Practice

Before we go into how you can build a successful cloud practice, we want to ensure you are aware of what cloud computing is and the benefits it offers you. According to Gartner, Cloud computing is a style of computing in which scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered as a service using internet technologies. Business News Daily mentions the benefits of cloud computing includes: extremely accessible data, maintains consistency between users, allows for remote programs, easy data backup, and cost-efficiency.

Building a Successful Cloud Practice

The continuous improvement of technology has reduced the hassle associated with daily life, and this benefit extends to the corporate world. As time progressed, more efficient hosting and management tools have surfaced, making cloud computing more stable and reliable.

This factor resulted in better internet performance, making it possible for entrepreneurs and organizations to offer services online and take their business to the next desired level.

Suppose you wish to begin a career or improve your already existing business. In that case, the internet is a worthwhile medium, and this article will provide you with the necessary information for success.

What is a “Cloud practice”?

A Cloud practice, also known as "Electronic Business," involves any form of commerce performed through the internet, as long as the information is shared. In other words, a vendor, retailer, service provider, or anything of the sort needs to legally exchange a product or service with a business, individual, or group to be considered a Cloud practice.

Naturally, a cloud practice presents numerous benefits as a business, and these include a broader customer base, greater flexibility, reduced expense, remote business management, faster delivery, and many more.

What Does it Take to Build a Successful Cloud Practice?

Building a website and transferring all your business data to the internet is easy, thanks to multiple platforms and software that make this possible. However, there's more to building a successful cloud practice than being online.

Below are some critical factors to consider:

Develop a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is an essential part of any business, especially a cloud practice, as it's the process your potential customers go through to dedicate their money to your service.

For this reason, you need to structure your marketing strategy to directly feed your sales funnel and understand how to measure the efficacy of this funnel, such as the number of opportunities, amount of ideal prospects, the value of campaigns per quarter, and quality of required monthly leads.

While building a sales funnel isn't an easy task, completing one that works is essential to your cloud practice as it guarantees monthly sales and business success.

Optimize Your Website

Since the bulk, or even all, your sales will come via your cloud practice website, you need to optimize the platform to handle your projected traffic, run smoothly on multiple devices, and open swiftly.

Statistics reveal that 53% of users abandon a slow-loading website, and more data shows that 54% of global web traffic came through mobile phones. Therefore, it would be best if your online business can accommodate different devices and also load at acceptable speeds.

Define Your Brand and Image

It's one thing to have an online business; it's another to be recognizable and connect with prospects. This goal is accomplished via branding as it gives your cloud practice the overall vibe that makes it unique compared to other businesses online.

Developing this virtual personality is easy as you need to pay attention to your logo, color scheme, graphics, typography, etc. A perfect example is McDonald's and Coca-Cola, as their presence is distinguishable from competitors.

*Note: Your branding applies to your social media, packaging, and email newsletter as well.

Choose a Secure Hosting Service

Cyber attacks are often targeted at cloud practices, and while you can make specific changes to improve your security, the bulk of it rests on your hosting service. In other words, your virtual business needs a provider that keeps you and your customer's information secure and away from hackers during transactions.

Therefore, opt for a provider that capitalizes on safety rather than flexibility because even if your website feels smooth to navigate and operate, it's useless if it poses a security issue.

*Note: Avoid free hosting services as they are risky and leak user data and other essential information.


Common Mistakes in Building a Cloud Practice

Making mistakes is natural, but some errors are too grave to make since their impact poses a threat to the prosperity of your cloud practice. Below are a few bad decisions both small and large businesses make when building a cloud practice:

Ignoring Customer Service

Despite you laying all the necessary information on your website or offering the best products available, customers may have issues before or after patronage. Therefore, you must have a method for these individuals to present their case for swift rectification.

Unfortunately, most companies forget to include this feature or rarely respond to customer inquiries, resulting in bad reviews that spread rapidly. An excellent example of this point is

No Distribution Partnerships

Having a fancy website or platform sell your product will be worthless if you have no way of getting your products to your customers. This aspect may be simple if you trade in an industry with an already established network of agents, manufacturers' reps, and resellers.

However, if you don't belong to such an industry, you need distribution Partnerships, and one ideal way to meet them is to create a list of potential referral sources and connect with them. It is essential to succeeding in business.

Poor Performance Evaluation

One of the fastest ways to kill any business is to analyze its performance and act blindly. It would be best to have clear metrics to assess your business's performance compared to your initial goal and what is ideal.

*Note: websites contain analytics to give insight into your website's performance.


Examples of Companies That Successfully Built Cloud Practice

Due to the advantages presented by having a cloud practice, numerous companies have capitalized on the benefits to meet the needs of their customers and gain more profit. Some of these businesses include:


Why Build Your Cloud Practice With Ingram Micro?

Suppose you desire a reliable option to build your cloud practice. In that case, Ingram Micro is a worthwhile option as we dedicate our resources to security, 24/7 support for inquiries and assistance, sufficient flexibility, and many more.

We also come with a professional team of software developers, sales, and marketing experts to provide you with the necessary tools for success. It's also worth noting that over 200,000 companies rely on our services globally, and we have delivered several years of unfailing performance.

Awards and Recognition Received by Ingram Micro LP

To further solidify the efficacy of Ingram and why it's a worthwhile option for building your desired online practice, it's important to note that the company's impressive performance hasn't gone unnoticed.

In fact, Ingram Micro was the recipient of multiple awards, and these include:


Building a Cloud practice is a worthwhile option for any business as it helps the individual reach a wider audience, improve their bottom line, and raise their performance. It is the ultimate step that's worth taking.

Additionally, if you desire security, flexibility, and sufficient support while adopting cloud solutions, Ingram Micro is your best choice. Consider browsing through our offerings today.

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