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Why You Should Consider Check Point Security Solutions

In today's digital world, the last thing a company or individual needs is to have their cyber security compromised but for many, this is a real threat. For cutting-edge security on all platforms, those in-the-know turn to Check Point Security for protection. Check Point is one of the premier cybersecurity companies in the world and their innovative products allow for their customers to know that they are secure on all fronts online.

Mobile Security

For those operating in the mobile space, the challenges to secure devices has never been more difficult. It is no longer the norm to have a work blackberry, and in today’s mobile world, enterprise solutions allow for Android, and Apple devices to be secured.

Sandblast Mobile is a Check Point mobile solution that protects iOS and Android devices from advanced mobile threats that would risk critical business information and potentially expose sensitive data.

Check Point Capsule is the answer to all of your security needs. It eliminates needless complication by providing a unified security solution for the business environment, allowing the user to go mobile as well as protecting sensitive company documents wherever they go.

Endpoint Security is a stand-alone solution that provides network security, data security, threat prevention and remote access all from an easy-to-use source.

Cloud Security

As companies have moved from the typical brick-and-mortar set-up to a more mobile and on-the-go solution, cloud security has become essential to success. Check Point is one of the leaders in this industry, offering a wide variety of security products for individuals and companies.

Check Point Private Cloud Security delivers an advanced threat protection that prevents lateral movement of viruses, while increasing the visibility and control of the physical and virtual environments. This product allows coverage for Cisco ACI, CMware NSX, and OpenStack.

Public clouds are one of the toughest things to protect, but Check Point’s Public Cloud Security solution provides a reliable connection with all while protecting applications and data from intruders in both public and hybrid cloud systems. This product covers Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and VMware vCloud Air.

Virtualization is perfect for those who wish to have comprehensive threat prevention security, that allows agile delivery, management and automation of core network functions including software-defined WAN and vCPE deployments. This solution works best with Virtual Edition.

Infinity Architecture

Check Point Infinity Architecture is the first consolidated security architecture that covers mobile, cloud and network security. The solution employs a pre-emptive strategy that focuses on prevention rather than detection and thus can block most threats before they can even appear. Infinity also allows users to have a single management tool that correlates all types of events across all network environments, including mobile and cloud infrastructure.