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The BYOD era in the Security Industry

Companies know that network security is a priority. As an employee, you may just think you’re protected and not give it a second thought. We all enjoy the freedom that having data, documents and apps at our fingertips provides. However, we often forget that all of this access can cause security risks. Hackers know that device security is an afterthought for most employees, and that means mobile phones, tablets and laptops are prime targets for attacks.   Attacks happen at machine speed and you need to detect and respond at machine speed.  In other words, you need to protect the device where the attack is happening and not rely on data that may (or may not) be sitting in a cloud. With the surplus of endpoint solutions and products out there how can you be sure you’re getting the right product to protect your endpoints? Does it compare with your Corporate administrator’s security protocol? Does it block every attempt in and out of your phone whether good or bad? Does it catch only 60% of malicious attacks? There are several factors to consider when adopting an endpoint security solution.  AV-Comparatives is one of the third-party testing organizations who has just released their findings for Business Security products tested in the first half of the year. The test examined active real-world malware threats, common business malware and performance, including false positive detections.

McAfee Endpoint Security was certified as an Approved Business Product with a perfect protection rate and “Very low” false positives

McAfee takes a centralized approach to device security, with solutions that combine endpoint, mobile, cloud, and internet of things (IoT) security in a simple-to-deploy solution all managed from the cloud. This includes mobile protection directly on devices. McAfee© MVISION Mobile can respond at the time of an attack and analyze deviations to device behavior to determine indicators of possible compromise. Whether an advanced application, device or network-based attack, it analyzes the information without the assistance of signatures or reliance on a network connection. MVISION Mobile’s machine learning engine detects unknow mobile malware on-device prior to install updates and without requiring the risks of lookups on cloud-based platforms. It’s proven and certified solution blocks against network, phishing, application attacks and zero-day device attacks.

New mobile device security capabilities include:

  • Centralized Management: Complements existing endpoint, server and IoT device coverage via a cloud service with visibility and control through McAfee ePO.
  • On-Device Protection: Machine learning-based detection of mobile threats protects users while offline and even during network attacks. Proven zero-day protection.
  • Flexible Deployment: Simple and flexible SaaS or on-premises deployment in any cloud environment.

The entire McAfee MVISION portfolio embraces native security controls and third-party technologies to deliver a new level of integration, eliminating overlaps, overhead, and complexity.

Simplify.  Integrate.  Comprehend.  Together Is Power.

Learn more about how McAfee Endpoint Security offers a single point of visibility, comprehension, and control across all your devices.