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CyberSecurity Month: Think Protect and be Cyber Secure

What’s more Spook-tacular than cyber security threats that continue to evolve.

We see more data breaches, and hackers are finding new ways to access sensitive data. At Ingram Micro, we take the protection of our employee, client, and vendor information seriously.  We do everything we can to protect it. But having security measures in our systems and at our workplace is not enough. We need your help to spot potential cyber security threats. We want everyone to be educated about cyber security threats and prevention.

At Ingram Micro we like to adapt a "Think Protect" mindset, so that we can do the following:

  1. Recognize the importance of the "Think Protect" mindset in establishing a “human firewall”, protecting corporate (and personal) data and digitally accessed assets
  2. Understand threats to company data (including Intellectual Property (IP), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and confidential information) and how these threats work
  3. Identify best practices for cyber security that address the most common hazards and activities
  4. Identify actions to take if you think that company security may have been compromised

Security Tip for the Day

In today’s digital age all types of documents are being made available electronically. Consider selecting “electronic delivery” for your important tax, payroll, credit card bills, health documents, etc? Most documents have all the information an identity thief would need to steal your identity.  By choosing electronic delivery for these documents, you avoid these documents being stolen from your mailbox. 

Stay safe this Halloween day. Let the costumes be the only thing that scare you!

Think Protect and be Cyber Secure!