LinkedIn Ads for Increased Web Traffic

December 22, 2020 Laurie Archer

There is a reason that 380 million business professionals have a LinkedIn account. It’s a targeted resource for information pertaining directly to a target audience’s industry and interests. B2B companies who utilize LinkedIn’s ad solutions will be able to tap into users’ high quality profile data for very accurate targeting across a variety of channels.

The most used LinkedIn ads are the single image ads which utilize compelling imagery to catch the readers attention as they browse their news stream, and message ads that are delivered directly to the target audience’s LinkedIn inbox. On average, LinkedIn users can see a 6.1% conversion rate on Sponsored Ads. The average conversion rate for B2B advertisers on Google is 2.58%. While Cost Per Click on LinkedIn can be higher than Google at times, the list on LinkedIn is so targeted, it actually brings a cost savings of 28% due to the number of conversions.

Both of these methods allow the ads to target the perfect audience by location, industry, company name, job title, interests and more. Even better, certain audiences can be excluded so competing companies aren’t included in the target list.

When B2B companies are trying to prospect new leads, nurture leads already in the CRM system or convert leads ready to take the next step, LinkedIn is the best choice. Not only do active users continually keep their profiles updated, but the audience is more inclined to read ads as they are already in a business mindset when using the platform. Ads share valuable information that can assist with lead generation & brand awareness.

B2B companies can take advantage of targeting their optimal audience by using a compelling call to action. This includes offering discounts, business announcements, or the introduction of a new product or service relevant to their company or job position. With the ability to direct the user directly to the specific webpage, conversions are more likely, especially if the product or service solves a pain problem for the user.

Although campaigns typically run for about 30 days, companies have the option to set the time limits, target audience and budget.

Even if your next launch is months away, utilizing LinkedIn can still bring benefits such as brand awareness. You’ll be able to share your company culture or social missions. Let customers get to know you and that your company is making ethical decisions and cares about their communities and their employees.

To learn more about how LinkedIn advertising can work for you, send us an email and we will be happy to work together with you for a realistic, measurable outcome.

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