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Why Choose Our Distribution & Logistics Services

Many know Ingram Micro as a traditional distributor. However, another large portion of Ingram Micro’s business is its Commerce and Lifecycle Services (CLS) business, providing logistics and transportation services to consumer electronics and other industries. Ingram Micro Canada provides all of these services, including helping companies in the delivery, tracking and reporting of products going to stores, offices, and into customers’ hands.


What’s more, Ingram Micro also boasts deep expertise and experience in third-party logistics (3PL), which has been growing over the years and expanding to support companies in the apparel, retail beyond just consumer electronics.

Quite simply, if a business wants to get its products into the hands of more consumers, companies or retailers, there is simply no better partner than Ingram Micro.

While traditional distribution and third-party fulfilment are a major focus for Ingram Micro, an often overlooked but significant part of the business is tied to reverse logistics operations – that is, returning, refurbishing, and possibly recycling of products. Often working on behalf of retailers and vendors, Ingram Micro will take back items in its massive warehouse, and based on criteria established with each partner, will efficiently decide if it’s to be returned to the retailer or vendor, resold at a discount, or properly disposed of.

Electronics Recycling-as-a-Service

As such, IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) becomes a critical consideration, which refers to disposing of obsolete or unwanted equipment in a safe, secure, and ecologically-responsible manner. This program helps organizations reduce program risk, cost, and complexity – and now the company has partnered with reBOOT Canada to bolster the significance of its work in this space by supplying refurbished computer equipment for non-profits, charities, and individuals who can benefit from subsidized technology.


Across all CLS channels, Ingram Micro is the only distribution partner in the channel with the ability to offer high-precision business intelligence (B.I.) analytics to help vendors stay ahead of the competition. Ingram Micro leverages its robust history of purchasing data, augmenting with external insights, to provide analytic insight that rivals top-tier consulting and market research firms. By working with vendors, this division can help manage profitability, bids, RFPs, claims, security concerns, vendor-partner relations, marketing needs, and more.