What sets VMware HCI apart from other solutions

March 30, 2021 Ingram Micro

VMware has been the #1 leading vendor for Server Virtualization for over 20 years.

2/3 Enterprise servers worldwide are virtualized. And, we are also the #1 global vendor in HCI (Hyper converged infrastructure) and hybrid cloud.  

  What makes VMware stand out is that it engineered a way to exponentially increase the capacity of servers through virtualization, which is the foundation principle of the cloud. Without virtualization technology, there would be no cloud. VMware business continues to thrive, grow, and evolve. Today, digital businesses require a digital foundation. VMware helps build a digital foundation for customer business needs by focusing on 4 strategic IT priorities: modernize data centers (which is where HCI comes into play), but also integrate public clouds, transform networking and security, and empower digital workspaces. VMware's vision is to allow customers to be on any device, on any application, and on any cloud. This in turn creates new value, transforms engagement, and protects the brand and customer trust.  

So what is the value of HCI and how do we address some of the challenges customers experience today using this solution? Well, customers are looking for software-define infrastructures to support their IT business needs. VMware-powered HCI offers organizations a natural next step to the Digital Foundation by quickly building and integrating cloud infrastructure.  

  VMware built out this SDDC stack of HCI and hybrid cloud solutions that covers compute, storage, networking, cloud, security, all with unified management and massive scalability. This evolutionary and cost-effective solution provides operational consistency in the Hybrid cloud. The HCI strategy extends virtualization across the entire infrastructure through common hardware that is managed with existing tools and skill sets. This allows customers to speed deployments and unify and ease operations, monitoring, and IT management, and at the same time improve their ability to scale. 3 of the main reasons customers want to adopt HCI are: 

  1. Operational efficiency from data center consolidation 

  1. Business agility 

  1. And to lower costs 

  From a competitive standpoint, what sets apart VMware HCI from other HCI solutions is that: 

  1. We provide you with the complete HCI stack - being the #1 leader in the storage, network, and management market 

  1. We offer a multi-cloud solution that contains 4,200 cloud providers in 120 countries 

  1. Our ecosystem consists of 18 partners worldwide, and 500+ ReadyNode Configs 

We also offer the best deployment options for partners in both private and public clouds. We have a complete hybrid cloud solution with major public cloud providers such as Amazon and IBM.   

  We have over 500,000 companies worldwide that use VMware and 10% of those have adopted VSAN. The HCI solution is a multi-billion dollar opportunity for partners to act as strategic advisors, and engage with customers as they make their customer journey to the cloud. By 2022, the HCI market is expected to grow to approximately $8.1 billion dollars! 

  As well, HCI solutions can help customers who: require a hardware refresh in their IT infrastructure, are rapidly expanding, need to improve the management of their IT operations, and need support with handling the complexity of managing a rapidly evolving data center.  

  Why is VMware well positioned in this market? VMware is one vendor conveniently offering a full stack of products (the complete SDDC offering) that allows companies to adopt technology at their own pace and scale, and also provides them with flexibility. VMware is an industry leader in multiple markets. Companies have sited IT cost reductions of 40% by adopting HCI and hybrid cloud solutions. VMware has been trusted by hundreds of thousands for over 20 years in the industry. HCI is the fastest growing storage market in the industry today. It is 3 times faster than the overall integrated systems market and covers 36% of the overall external storage market.  


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