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Take Your Windows Experience to 11 – With These Newly Released Surface Products

Now’s an exciting time to be a PC user, especially if you’re a fan of Microsoft Surface products. With Windows 11 and its revolutionary new user experience now available, perhaps you’ve been eyeing a new piece of kit. Or several. We wouldn’t blame you, especially upon catching a glimpse of several brand-new Surface products released a short while ago.  

Let’s meet the family. 

Surface Ocean Plastic Mouse, Adaptive Kit, and Slim Pen 2 

How about we start with the latest releases in the accessories department? By far the most important innovation, the Surface Adaptive Kit enables individuals with disabilities to get the very most out of their devices, all in a manner that respects the user’s integrity and independence. This kit (also featuring accessibility-friendly packaging) includes brightly coloured keycap and bump labels, port indicators, and stick-on opening support systems that allow for easier device set-up and use. There’s also the new Surface Ocean Plastic Mouse, developed in collaboration with SABIC and utilizing 20% recycled ocean plastics in its materials. Even the packaging is eco-friendlier! 

Of course, plenty of folks have been excited about the new Surface Slim Pen 2, and it doesn’t disappoint. This is one serious upgrade, and it comes with a wide array of new features. With a finer tip enabling further improved accuracy and line straightness, magnetic charging support, and even built-in haptic feedback that makes it feel more like writing on real paper, it’s tough to put down!  

Surface Duo 2 

With its dual PixelSense Fusion screens (now even larger at 8.3 inches), built-in stereo audio, an incredible new rear triple camera array, built-in NFC and 5G support, Surface Duo 2 is truly remarkable. Speaking of marking, do so with ease by pairing it with the new Surface Slim Pen 2 – it’s the ultimate on-the-go notebook or mini sketchpad!  

Not only that, but you can keep your device shut when focusing, all without missing any mission-critical updates. The dual displays now feature a gentle curve in the middle, not only reducing bezel distance and making content more immersive when fully opened but also giving you a peek at notifications, battery life, and other important details while closed. 

Surface Go 3 

Surface Go users have been eager for more power under the hood, and that’s what the Surface Go 3 delivers in the same iconic, much-loved, and lightweight design. Ready to go anywhere at any time while optimized for Windows 11, everything from note-taking to drawing, on-screen typing, video calls, and touch-based user input is an utter joy.  

The same premium 10.5-inch display with an ever-important 3:2 aspect ratio is perfect for consuming – and creating – all your favourite content. Faster processors including the latest Intel Pentium Gold and Core i3 variants make multitasking snappier and more responsive and, combined with up to 11 hours of battery life and built-in fast charging, Surface Go 3 is designed for real-world use and real-world users. 

Surface Pro 8 

Love the look and feel of the Surface Pro X but prefer the more traditional elements of the standard Surface Pro line? How about both? Surface Pro 8 carries forward the iconic, much-adored adaptability and streamlined design of previous generations and gives it a modern kick. Slimmer bezels and a larger 13-inch display – now capable of running at 120 hertz with Dolby Vision and Adaptive Colour technology – make it a visual treat.  

Still retaining legacy ports such as the headphone jack while adding two Thunderbolt 4 ports, Surface Pro 8 is ready for the future while ensuring you can continue to use your favourite external audio devices. And, what’s sure to be exciting for longtime fans of the hybrid that started it all, 11th-generation Intel processors and Evo platform support combined with a variety of performance efficiency gains translate to longer battery life. 16 hours, in fact, along with fast charging support! And, with a beautiful new Surface Pro Signature Keyboard made with carbon fibre – now capable of hiding away and charging the Surface Slim Pen 2 – it’s a neat and organized way of getting down to business, wherever you are. 

Surface Pro X 

There’s even a new variation of the groundbreaking, Microsoft SQ2 ARM-powered Surface Pro X. It’s now available in a Wi-Fi only configuration, making the price more approachable for more individuals seeking a versatile, dynamic user experience. Plus, with Windows 11 and built-in 64-bit emulation, you don’t have to leave your favourite apps and features behind.  

Surface Laptop Studio 

There’s one more thing, and it’s unlike any other out there. The Surface Laptop Studio is a blend of the powerhouse Surface Book series and the hybrid nature of Surface Pro. Use it in traditional Laptop mode with a Precision Haptic glass touchpad and exceptional keyboard. Or, pull the screen forward into Stage mode to cover the keyboard and bring its gorgeous 14.4-inch PixelSense display closer for more immersive content.  

Alternatively, bring Surface Laptop Studio’s display all the way towards you and lay it flat over the keyboard and trackpad – this is Studio mode, and it utilizes a gentle incline that’s ideal for artists and writers. When you’re done with your latest piece and need to hit the road, simply tuck the Surface Slim Pen 2 beneath the front lip of the device where it charges magnetically and won’t be easily knocked free. Along with 11th-gen Intel Core H35 processors, the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs and an ultra-sleek build comprised of magnesium, it’s both fast and cool – literally and figuratively.  

These devices and accessories are designed from the inside out to ensure the best, smoothest Windows 11 experience imaginable. We’re not only thrilled to showcase them today but are eager to unbox and make full use of a few of our own!