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Surface Management Portal: An Overview of How it Oversees

Looking for a way to help your deployed fleet of Microsoft Surface devices adapt to company needs and growth? The Surface Management Portal provides solutions designed for maximum scaling efficiency and streamlined operations, among many other things. Today, let’s explore the fundamentals of this breakthrough new software solution, including how it works, how it helps, and how your team can get a hold of it. 

What is the Surface Management Portal? 

Through the use of Microsoft Endpoint Manager’s admin centre, the Microsoft Surface Management Portal is a purpose-built solution to help monitor and manage Surface devices within an organization. Best of all, it allows you to do so at scale, ensuring that as your company flexes, changes directions, and grows, your favourite devices can continue to remain relevant and highly applicable towards the individual use case requirements of your team members.  

Features at a Glance 

  • Click View Report to see a complete, numbered list of all Surface devices registered under your organization. 

  • Maintain full compliance, security, hardware use standards, and activity on individual devices.  

  • Automated flagging of devices that do not comply with established operating requirements. 

  • Track and monitor support requests to determine with accuracy which are active or inactive. 

  • Keep a close eye on per-device warranty statuses, active coverage, and more. 


How to Access Microsoft Surface Management Portal 

The good news is, if you already have Microsoft Endpoint Manager set up with appropriate administrative settings configured, the portal is ready for use! Simply sign in to the admin centre, click on All Services, then click on Surface Management Portal. Now you’ll have a clear end-to-end viewpoint of all registered devices’ performance, compliance and warranty issues, and otherwise without any hassle. It’s a win-win for you and your IT team.  

Considerable Time and Cost Savings 

The key benefit of using Surface Management Portal is that your IT staff will have a centralized access point for critical updates, compliance monitoring, tracking, warranty support, and much more. This singular, fully transparent view means less digging for information, juggling requests, and missing insights such as whether a specific device is low on storage space. Perks of this include quicker problem-solving, informed hardware and software upgrades on select or all devices, and meeting established operating and regulatory standards with confidence. 

A More Customizable Solution 

Surface Management Portal is optimized with adaptivity in mind. Therefore, it blends seamlessly into your administrative and company operations without introducing any unnecessary extra processes or other hurdles. Not only can you try it for free, but you can receive updates from the Surface engineering team on any refinements made to the portal and its inner workings. Even a combination of corporate and user-owned devices can be looked after through this solution, customized to suit the specific needs of your business today and tomorrow. Again, scalability is promoted rather than discouraged! 

Why Monitor Surface Devices? 

There are several reasons why it would make sense for an IT admin of any organization to actively monitor device performance and flagged issues. For example, if an older Surface device is no longer within compliance, a user may not be able to access important information that enables them to perform duties as they normally would – a risk that can be mitigated through the use and monitoring of the portal. 

In addition, having a clear understanding of which devices require the latest updates and which don’t will make your IT staff’s lives easier due to less guesswork required. Or, as hinted at, if a device hits critically low storage levels, Surface Management Portal will alert you accordingly. The same goes for devices that are inactive for prolonged periods of time, possibly due to hardware breakdowns, theft, or other issues that can quickly be identified and resolved.  

Benefits at a Glance 

To recap, let’s go over the many reasons why you might want to consider Surface Management Portal for your business: 

  • Compatibility with the complete suite of Surface devices including Surface Pro 7+ for Business, Surface Pro 8, Surface Hub 2S, Surface Go, Surface Duo, Surface Laptop 3, and many others. 

  • Maintain full company-wide device compliance and keep a close eye on statuses per system. 

  • Corporate and user device support. 

  • Designed with full scalability in mind.  

  • Keep on top of warranties set to expire or those in need of service upgrades. 

  • Risk indicators include those for low storage, inactivity, and more. 

  • Organize and identify actionable notifications, helping your team prioritize tasks. 

All in all, Surface Management Portal is set to make the everyday lives of IT admins easier, more convenient, and increasingly time and cost-efficient. With the right tools and technologies optimized for a user-friendly experience and streamlined navigation, increased potential for your organization is just a click away. Discover the capabilities of a more informed, actionable management strategy today.  

Watch the Microsoft engineering team as they show how you can go beyond configuration of your Surface devices here. 

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