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Surface Hub 2S: Not Just Hybrid Work, but a Reimagining of Work Itself

Times have changed along with the state of workplaces around the globe, including the needs of small and large businesses. While many are keen on embracing a hybrid work model, many valid concerns need addressing first. Will your data and communications be kept secure and encrypted? How can video calling and other digital interactions be as engaging and effective as if we were shaking hands in person? What about collaboration, file sharing, and keeping colleagues on the same page for project milestones and action plans? 

Here is where the line between a nice-to-have concept of hybrid work and a tangible solution begins to blur for many business owners. Implementing technologies that you can trust and turn to for optimal remote and in-person efficiency, maintaining collective operational momentum must take precedence. In a sense, it's a matter of hybrid work taking practical steps into the future for your business while respecting traditional elements that remain a necessity, such as human interaction. 

Surface Hub 2S helps organizations refine – and redefine – their hybrid operations with a vast array of features and capabilities.  

Together, Whenever and Wherever 

Gartner recently reported that 82% of their survey respondents plan on implementing a remote working solution, even as employees return to the office. Many face a real challenge to maintain a cohesive workplace culture, with 30% of business leaders concerned about this matter.  

In this sense, the very concept of the office – the norm we’re familiar with – can be what holds a business back. Surface Hub 2S is designed to help organizations of all sizes and complexities breakthrough into a fresher, more flexible, and dynamic alternative. To better understand why this is the case, we should first focus on what employees miss most given the ongoing global crisis. Gensler’s 2020 US Work from Home Survey, revealing the top reasons they want to return in the first place, lends the following insights: 

  • 54% are interested in scheduled in-person meetings with fellow team members 

  • 54% also long for face-to-face interactions – bring back the office chats and scrums! 

  • 44% want improved access to the right technology for the job 

Surface Hub 2S can assist in these areas and more. Life-sized, high-resolution video on an expansive 4K screen closely mimics the experience of in-person interaction. A Microsoft Teams-certified microphone array system, paired with a 4K camera, ensures everyone gets to not only participate but also be seen and heard. And, with touch and inking support on a beautiful, large digital canvas along with seamless Microsoft 365 app support and Together mode, everything from brainstorming sessions to high-level pitch deck presentations are more effective than ever since everyone gets a front-row seat and a chance to contribute. These features alone take the concept of teamwork further and modernize it for hybrid deployments, wherever and whenever you need to interact with other team members.  

Stronger Connections 

With innovative, easy-to-use tools, including Microsoft Whiteboard, Teams Rooms, and full Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise operating system support, there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues or leaving anyone out of the loop. The combination of familiar desktop-class UI, UX, and app support is essential, maintaining critical traditional elements employers rely on. Best of all, teams benefit from improved engagement, more ways to share great ideas and content, collaborating with greater efficiency thanks to new tools and solutions. This minimizes potential hybrid deployment friction as, in actuality, many of the essential staples of a traditional office environment are part of Surface Hub 2S’ DNA.  

Adaptive Adoption 

Work the way you need to, no strings attached. This is important because no two businesses operate in the same way. Not only can Surface Hub 2S be configured with Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise, along with Win32 desktop apps but employees can co-author and share content in real-time from their personal or company-deployed remote devices. These include Windows 10 computers, Android devices, and iOS alternatives – nobody gets left out. 

For those using Surface Hub 2S, the 85-inch model offers a vast canvas with sufficient whiteboard or presentation space for two team members at the same time – all while maintaining sufficient social distancing! In addition, with multiple Surface Slim Pen inputs supported, you won’t need to share one of the best tools around for inking and document markups. This is a device that adapts to how the user intends to adopt its technologies rather than the other way around, including when it comes to third-party app support, security compliance needs, and established operational processes. 

Any Room, Any Orientation 

The Surface Hub 2S is available in both 50-inch and 85.6-inch sizes. When combined with the Steelcase Roam Mobile Stand, it is optimized to move with you. Simply unplug and roll it wherever you wish, rotate into portrait or landscape mode to suit your work style, and focus. These features enable the device to be non-intrusive by design yet adaptive to any working environment. This device – not to mention its packaging – is optimized for real-world applications, so no need to fret over whether it will fit in that elevator in the lobby during transport. And, if you use Microsoft Intune, Surface Hub 2S can quickly and seamlessly integrate with your established ecosystem.  

Secure and Proactive 

With Windows 10 platform architecture support out of the box, Surface Hub 2S delivers the same top-of-the-line, enterprise-compliant security support you and your IT department would typically rely on. Trusted Platform Module 2.0 and BitLocker technology, aided by cloud-powered Microsoft Defender protection, work overtime to safeguard the data and privacy of your organization. Even signature scrutiny of all executable code is baked in from the outset, taking no chances and accented with consistent, proactive security updates. Personal FIDO2 protocol keys and Azure AD are both supported using the Microsoft Authenticator app. 

These are just some of the breakthrough innovations of Surface Hub 2S that respect the past and embrace the future. Not only that, but the way they are set up for you and your users helps to reimagine the very notion of the hybrid workplace. Discover these and many other benefits for yourself by learning more about Surface Hub 2S today 

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