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Hybrid Solutions for Happier, More Productive Workforces

Modern businesses demand the use of modern solutions and, for many nowadays, that means switching to a hybrid model. It used to be, not long ago, that the very notion of remote commuting or even hybrid operations came with too many caveats. Security, accessibility, collaborative efficiency and more tended to round out the pain points faced by businesses of all sizes.

That changed with the advent of cloud adoption and governance, a powerful tool that many companies rely on today. In addition, modern devices like those within Microsoft’s Surface lineup are purposefully designed to set hybrid operations and their employees up for success. Let’s explore how in more detail.



Gone are the days of low-resolution webcams, fuzzy or intermittent audio, and jumping through extra hoops to hop on a video call with other team members or clients. Modern technologies like the HD cameras and dual array far-field microphones found in today’s Surface devices deliver clearer, higher-quality video and audio with exceptional cleanliness, filtering out background noise. And, combined with advanced features such as sharing digital interactive whiteboards and applications like Microsoft Teams that enable for seamless team member interaction, hybrid models no longer need to sacrifice a strong and meaningful connection.



We’ve mentioned the power of the cloud already, but it goes without saying that this technology enables for even more effective and hassle-free collaboration than traditional solutions of yesteryear. A great example of this is Microsoft Office 365 which, when used with a Surface device, can result in around two hours on average of daily time savings per user. How is this the case? Several examples include the ability to attend meetings virtually rather than wait for others, cloud-based filesharing and permissions handling for quick and effective accessibility, and real-time joint authoring to work on a document together at once.

Other means of collaboration through hybrid solutions include the seamless switching from one Surface device to another. A slide deck or notes can be brought over from a Surface Pro 8 to a larger display on Surface Hub 2S, for example, all without interrupting a video call while sharing the document in real time with team members no matter where they are. Whether you need to come up with ideas on the fly just before a major meeting or need multiple users to work on a file together in real time, hybrid solutions won’t hold you back but in fact do quite the opposite!



Not every employee in a company needs to operate onsite. Of course, some folks tend to perform better working in the comforts of home or in a more easily accessible location. Embrace the individuality of your employees by empowering them with choice. This can be done without having to fully deploy all-new hardware, as well, thanks to the many cloud and web-based collaborative solutions that are secure, easy to manage, and keep unwanted eyes off crucial data.

If you are considering new hardware, however, there are plenty of options to suit every working style and preference. Surface Pro 8, Go, and X are ideal for sketchers, note-takers, doodlers, and those who are always on the go yet don’t always need to use a keyboard. The Surface Laptop line is great for those who prefer traditional notebook computers with beautiful, large displays and a high-quality typing experience. Or there’s the Surface Hub 2S, which allows for in-person meetings and virtual gatherings to blend into an incredible interactive experience for all involved. Of course, there are also accessories like the Surface Pen Pro for quick sketching, jotting down brilliant ideas, and making document corrections with minimal lag.



Modern technologies like those present in Microsoft hardware and software put the wellbeing and compliance of your operations first. If you need to lock down files and securely limit access to a select few individuals, a hybrid deployment can ensure peace of mind even when you cannot physically access an employee’s work device. Enterprise-grade security is crucial when deploying and managing a hybrid or fully remote environment. Features like Surface for Business’ Windows Autopilot make this even easier with a zero-touch deployment experience, making life better for you and your IT professionals.

These are just some of the key benefits associated with integrating Microsoft solutions into your hybrid deployment plans. Helping your teams remain agile, focused, creative, and collaborative while fully in control of spend, compliance, and security is entirely possible with the right hardware and software. Today’s Surface devices go the extra mile in terms of maximizing your opportunities as a team, creating more ways to interact with each other and target key goals. Whether you’re keen on implementing a fully remote or hybrid operational standard, these solutions are more than up to the task – they’re designed for it from the inside out!


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