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Hybrid Heaven: Seamless Collaboration with the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera

When we think of remote commuting, even in a hybrid capacity, it’s a night and day improvement over what was even possible two years ago. Tech and its innovators have repositioned to ensure seamless collaboration that results in optimal productivity and efficiency. Not only that, but modern solutions on the market have introduced new ways for team members and departments to interact with one another.

Enter the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera, the latest in a line of innovations by Microsoft and the Surface team. This state-of-the-art solution was designed for the quintessential hybrid experience, enabling more flexible deployments to hit the ground running. Let’s learn more about the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera and hybrid working in general.


Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera at a Glance

The Surface Hub 2S Smart Camera comes complete with an array of features as wide as its field of vision. Here are some of the standouts in relation to hybrid environments:

Optimized with AI

Looking for a video conferencing solution that literally knows how to read the room? This is where the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera truly shines. It incorporates state-of-the-art AI facial detection to identify who is speaking or moving during a conversation. The view is then automatically repositioned. This is great for collaborative projects where multiple individuals present their findings or pitch ideas – everyone gets their time in the spotlight!

Anticipation of Human Movements

Of course, with the power of AI and a wide field of view, the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera also enables for more fluid and natural movement – no more feeling locked to a chair for fear of being out of frame! Instead, free and regular movement is encouraged, ensuring that those entering, leaving, or actively participating are captured and focused on during Teams calls.

A Security-First Design

The design of the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera is precisely that: smarter. That means no needless capturing or storing of sensitive facial identification data. The system is optimized with security first, ideal for maintaining compliance with privacy agreements and other similar regulations that may govern your business’ operations on a daily basis.

Supported by the Surface Hub 2S 4K Interactive Display

Of course, seeing is believing. And we believe that your teams will be wowed by not only the camera system itself but also the attached Surface Hub 2S display. This 4K, premium-grade panel is optimized for the ultimate collaborative experience, ideal for hybrid deployments. With Surface Slim Pen support, jotting down notes or that next great idea is as natural as picking up a real pencil and sharing with others in the room, all while those on the other end of the call can see and respond to your pitch or notes in question. Of course, this display is also a great way to see and interact with others remotely, thanks to video gallery support, collaborative whiteboard sessions, and more.


Why Go Hybrid?

There are several great reasons to consider modernizing your customers operations to be more people-friendly, which is a fundamental principle of hybrid deployments. These include the following:

Secure, Safe, and Stress-Free

Microsoft applications, including Teams, Word, PowerPoint, and more, are designed from the ground up for collaboration. Whether your customers are sketching out a roadmap together in real-time without being in the same room, updating slide decks or presenting them to multiple departments in multiple cities, there’s nothing they can do in person that can’t be done remotely with the solutions available today. This ensures a stress-free, easy-to-manage transition. Not only that, but with best-in-class encryption, security, and privacy standards, their employees and sensitive data are safeguarded.

New Ways to Create and Share

By pairing the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera with the Surface Hub 2S, there are fun and engaging new opportunities available to attendees. Whether beaming from other Surface devices, inking together in real-time or tweaking files together, it’s an easy-to-use experience that encourages team members to participate and share.


Setting permissions, ensuring attendees get their time to contribute and share findings, and other measures are easier to handle from the management side of things when it comes to hybrid-ready solutions like the Surface Hub 2S and Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera. Whether they need to keep meetings trim and productive, minimize the hassle of sharing screens, maintain optimal privacy and security compliance, or minimize IT-related headaches, this is the perfect pairing of hardware and software.


Set your customers team up for success, wherever they are, by empowering them with the right tools for the job! With a particular focus on security, collaborative efficiency, engagement and streamlined management, systems like the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera and Surface Hub 2S can effectively bridge the gap and make life better for everyone.


Check out this video on the new Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera

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