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SMB Alliance

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SMB Alliance is group of over 5,000 SMB reseller partners who purchase their products and solutions through Ingram Micro. A dedicated sales team made up of over 20 sales reps support our SMB reseller business. Sponsoring this program allows you to be part of an SMB culture at Ingram Micro, and be part of a brand that is recognized among our SMB resellers. This program provides you with a balance of internal and external targeted marketing activities to reach this growing group of Ingram Micro resellers. Plus, as part of your annual sponsorship within our SMB Alliance program, you also become a part of our SMB Machine internally at Ingram Micro. 

What is the SMB Machine? It is a term used internally at Ingram Micro, however, our vendor partners who sponsor the SMB Alliance program becomes part of our SMB Machine. It is a team of hardworking, reliable and dedicated individuals with an expansive network of business experience, all serving as a critical component within our overall blueprint. Similar to that of gears in a machine, each individual is connected with precise consideration. Each piece is needed to produce the  final product of a great customer experience and a long, prosperous, relationship with Ingram Micro and our vendor partners. The SMB Machine was and continues to be successful in the USA, has been implemented by Ingram Micro Spain, and launched with Ingram Micro Canada in 2020.

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