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YES (844) 360-3899 Give your customers the work from home technology they need today, on a budget they can afford now. These three programs are available today through Ingram Micro Flexible Payment Solutions. Your customer has 90 days to decide whether to lease or pay cash. They make two standard payments based on the selected term. By the end of the third month (or 90 days), they can continue making monthly payments for the reminder of the stated term, or pay off the balance of the equipment. Pros: Monthly payments go towards the lease. Cons: You take a 5% discount on funding. Enabling Your Technology Sales The monthly payment is the equipment cost divided by 12, and customer makes 13 payments. Two payments due in advance. Your customer owns the equipment after the 13th payment. Pros: Simple calculation. Cons: Two payments required in advance. During months 1–6 of the agreement, the monthly payment amount is 1% of the equipment cost. Then they decide—pay the original equipment cost or convert to a standard lease agreement. Pros: Six months to make a decision. Cons: Total cost long term is higher. 90 Days Same as Cash Future Funds Baker's Dozen Example: $30,000 Month 1: $627 Month 2: $627 Month 3 Decide: a) Purchase for $28,746 b) Pay $627 for 58 more months Example: $30,000 Months 1–6: $300 Decide: a) Pay $627 for 60 months b) Pay $30,000 Example: $30,000 $30,000/12 = $2,500 Make 13 payments at $2,500 DETAILS: • $10,000 minimum • FMV or $1 buyout lease • You take 5% discount DETAILS: • $25,000 minimum • FMV or $1 buyout • Customer makes all six payments DETAILS: • Subject to credit approval. • One-time origination fee • Valid through September 30, 2020 • Special lease documents required • Contact Ingram Micro FPS for rates • Taxes not included in examples DETAILS: • $5,000 minimum • Lessee makes 13 payments • Two payments in advance • $1 buyout lease IM FPS April 2020 Promotional Offers © 2020 Ingram Micro Inc. All rights reserved. Ingram Micro and the Ingram Micro logo are trademarks used under license by Ingram Micro Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective companies. Products available while supplies last. Prices subject to change without notice. 4/20 KH2020.18586 Canada

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