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Find out what HoloLens 2 can do for Manufacturing

Lockheed Martin creates magic with HoloLens 2

A New Reality for Manufacturing

Fix it the first time

If your manufacturing line is down or your product isn’t working as designed, equip your field service team with HoloLens to reduce downtime and ensure a first-time fix.

Empower your field service agents with critical documentation and service maintenance data while they stay heads up and hands free.

Connect your front-line technicians with experts anywhere in the world for real-time remote assistance.

Increase worker productivity

While automation has increased the efficiency of your machines, today’s manufacturing processes still rely heavily on human labor.

Increase worker productivity with mixed reality visual guidance, including checklists and step-by-step instructions.

Eliminate errors and improve product quality by arming workers with real-time insights and a complete picture of the task at hand—ensuring every employee can be your best employee.

Improve onboarding and upskilling

Agility in your manufacturing capabilities is a key to success in today’s ever-changing world. But your operations can only be as agile as your workforce.

Upskill veteran workers more often and onboard new employees more quickly with simulated on-the-job training.

Ensure valuable knowledge doesn’t retire with your employees. Use mixed reality to close skills gaps and virtually extend that knowledge across your workforce.

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