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Why VMware Security?

Why VMware Security for Partners 

The modern enterprise faces a growing security challenge with protecting apps and data. At the same time, your organization is innovating and delivering new applications that are built, scaled and operated differently in the modern cloud world. You must secure a highly distributed workforce that uses a variety of devices to access your apps and data, without hindering productivity. And you must promote user confidence in the security of your applications and data by supporting both modern and traditional workload types running in diverse cloud environments. Finally, there are the ever-evolving networks used to connect everything. All of this leads to exponentially more surfaces to defend. Using bolted-on point products focused on narrow use cases, security is a checkbox activity made worse by siloed teams. Security is viewed as an additional task applied to individual control points. Understanding your true vulnerabilities can be close to impossible. Alerts lack context and remediation is slow, providing attackers greater dwell time. And security consumes too much time, money, and effort. You need to rethink security as an inherent and distributed part of the modern enterprise—continuously incorporating all aspects of your technology environment to deliver more effective security through a Zero Trust approach. 

Implement Zero Trust with Fewer Tools & Silos  

Simply covering the four Zero Trust control points is not enough—you must also connect these critical areas. With VMware, you will achieve this, enabling you to accurately understand the security situation and enforce the appropriate policies and actions to close security gaps and reduce risk. You will not only realize better communication and sharing of data between your security controls, you also enable greater coordination between your security, IT, operations and development teams. With a common concept of what they are protecting and the steps to take to provide security, your people can take action faster with greater efficiency. And with fewer security products, you spend less time on administrivia. You have the right Zero Trust foundation in place to ensure no vital area is left undefended. 

Deliver Security as a Built-in Distributed Service  

Your security posture needs to mirror your infrastructure. With VMware, your security controls and policy enforcement protect your distributed assets, supporting both new and legacy environments and applications. And because you can reduce the number of tools and agents you deploy while managing them in a centralized fashion, you are able to consistently apply your policies across multiple environments with little to no added effort. You achieve full coverage of your environment by connecting the dots while reducing complexity and blind spots. 

Scale Response with Confidence, Speed, & Accuracy  

Your decisions are only as good as the data upon which they are based. With VMware, you will have more than alerts, you will have the full authoritative context of your environment and threat intelligence that is trustworthy, actionable and readily available. By knowing the threats you face, where there might be gaps in your defenses, and whether these vulnerabilities are being exploited, you can quickly adjust your controls and policies to address security gaps and events faster. What’s more, you will be more adept at identifying and assessing attacks when they occur, enabling you to shut them down and take the appropriate actions to repair any damage with minimal impact to your organization. Your actions are based on facts, not guesswork. 

Why VMware Carbon Black for Partners 

Gain stronger protection, greater visibility, and security that is unified with VMware’s cloud native workload and endpoint protection platform. VMware Carbon Black Cloud™ combines the intelligent system hardening and behavioral prevention needed to keep emerging threats at bay, using a single lightweight agent and an easy-to-use console. 


Customer Pain Points  

Remote Work: Teams have limited visibility into remote endpoint activity and configurations. 91% of security professionals reported an increase in cyber attacks as a result of WFH Too Many Siloed Tools: Companies deploy on average 47 different cybersecurity solutions and technologies causing delays, complexity and performance issues. Security & IT Misalignment: Siloed information and disparate tools between teams slow incident response times. Advanced Attacks: Legacy endpoint security technology can’t keep up with modern threats like ransomware and attacks against the digital supply chain. 

Market Opportunity  

According to Michael Suby, research vice president in Security and Trust at IDC, “Endpoint security remains a critical element of a multilayered security strategy as endpoints are frequently the first point of entry for attackers. Moreover, as attackers continuously add and modify their techniques to evade detection, endpoint security vendors must continuously invest in the proficiency of their products.” 


How VMware Carbon Black Can Help  

Strain on time and resources: Traditional AV solutions are complicated and time-consuming with multiple on-prem and cloud infrastructure components, and multiple management consoles. With VMware Carbon Black, you can roll out our single, lightweight sensor and console remotely without the need to stand up and monitor any additional on-prem hardware.  

Protection gaps: Traditional AV solutions offer inconsistent prevention of malware, ransomware, and sophisticated non-malware attacks due to a reliance on signatures and numerous policies that need to be individually updated to offer the latest protection. VMware Carbon Black enables quick, universal updates to prevention across your entire fleet within minutes.  

Slow response times: Without attack context or response tools to take quick action, investigation times can be very lengthy. VMware Carbon Black offers a single easy-to-use console that provides context on attacks, origination details, and the ability to respond in real-time to threats within the console to help you speed response times and reduce MTTR.  

Lack of product/account support: Traditional AV customers have experienced forced product migrations and dwindling support. VMware Carbon Black offers all customers onboarding training and support, as well as access to our extensive peer community to get answers quickly.  

Unsupported product integrations: Traditional AV customers are being forced to migrate to different solutions. The VMware Carbon Black Cloud offers an open API and extensive integration and partner network of over 500 security solutions providers, fitting into most existing security environments.