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Samsung offers new ways to stay connected with your team

From field to desk: Samsung offers new ways to stay connected with your team 

Attribution: Ingram Micro 

For dynamic industries that operate in multiple environmentsthere’s a need for solutions that enable efficient communication and collaboration, regardless of location. Businesses are increasingly prioritizing solutions that allow their workers to stay connected throughout the day, whether they’re in the field or in the office. Innovative solutions from Samsung are build to support businesses with this objective. 

A dynamic PC on the field 

Samsung DeX, a software application built into the latest Galaxy devices, helps make work in the field or at the latest job site as connected as it is in an office environmentWorkers using the Galaxy Tab Active3 and Galaxy Tab Active Pro can activate Samsung DeX standalone mode to enable a full desktop-like experience from their mobile device. This functionality means that workers can show up to the construction site with their device in-hand and easily mock up diagrams and share reports, or pull up digital files and blueprints, allowing them to stay on task and collaborate with teams on the field, at the work site, or even within their vehicles. 

The office-like capabilities are complemented by tough hardware suited for the field. The Galaxy Tab Active3 and Galaxy Tab Active Pro have been tested against MIL-STD-810 military specificationsmeaning they can perform in harsh environments, including extreme temperatures, varying altitudes, shocks and pressures.1 With enhanced touch-sensitivity settings, important safety equipment won’t get in the way, allowing workers to adhere to company PPE policies and continue to work without having to remove gloves and other gearPlusworkers can use the included S Pen with the Galaxy Tab Active3 or Tab Active Pro to jot down notes and capture digital signatures as easily as if it were pencil and paper.

Enabling on-the-spot communication 

In the field, there is no substitute for tried-and-true communication techniques. That’s why incorporating Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie with Galaxy rugged devices brings the ultimate mobile solution for your teamSimply map the programmable buttons on the Galaxy XCover Pro smartphone and Galaxy Tab Active3 tablets to the Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie app. Your team can instantly chat with entire teams or individual workers with a press of a button.  

Unlike traditional walkie-talkies, the app uses LTE5G or WiFi connectionwhich means that workers can remain in different job sites and still communicate with each other with crystal-clear sound quality. For example, supervisors on the ground can keep in touch with team members at the current site or reach out to members at different sites in other regions. In a retail environment, store managers can use the Walkie Talkie app to ping all staff when a customer enters the store, and switch channels to communicate with warehouse teams for stock updates.  

Boosting collaboration from the field to the home office 

When on-site work is complete, workers can take Samsung DeX to their home office. Simply connect the Galaxy Tab Active3 or Galaxy Tab Active Pro using USB-to-HDMI adapter, or even wirelessly to compatible Smart TV or Smart Monitor.3 The connection will enable a fully interactive PC-like environment, so the user can enjoy convenient capabilities like drag-and-drop and resizing windows. To enhance the experience, pair the Galaxy tablets with wireless mouse and keyboard. Workers can then easily wrap up the day’s reporting.   

Samsung DeX will allow for easy access Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment. This way, workers can gain full access to their Windows-based PC apps, hosted through the cloud and powered by their Galaxy device. Combined with Samsung DeX, VDI technology makes managing a fleet of devices simpler for IT departments. Instead of managing multiple endpointsa VDI means they only have to manage a single powerful PC that hosts all company applications and allows users to log in to their own profiles with ease.  

Similar capabilities also exist on Samsung Galaxy Book Series devices, including the Galaxy Book S, Galaxy Book Ion and Galaxy Book Flex. By downloading the Microsoft “Your Phone” app on a Galaxy device, users can transfer files, access mobile apps and make calls from their PC wirelessly via Microsoft Link to Windows. Supervisors can then check urgent texts from their field team on their PC screen while simultaneously video calling head office - helping drive productivity and efficiency. 

Galaxy solutions allow teams to collaborate even when they are spread out across a variety of business environments. With these productivity tools, make it easy for your staff to keep their focus on what matters most collaborating to achieve goals through teamwork. 

To learn more about solutions for your business, contact your Samsung representative.