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Get Back to Business with Samsung Display Solutions

Samsung delivers commercial display solutions to help get companies back to business

As businesses continue to embrace the new normal, they need to communicate in meaningful ways with customers and employees. This past year highlighted the value of digital signage technology in optimizing tasks that are helping companies get back to business. Innovative digital signage solutions, which allow for real-time digital messaging, will become an indispensable fixture for more businesses in the new normal.

Today, screens are the new connection points that bring together customers, partners and employees in exciting ways that make a difference in your business. Delivering great customer experiences is critical to business operators, and it starts from the moment people walk into a store or office.

Providing businesses with new, easy ways to use digital signage is more important than ever. With the Samsung Business TV, businesses can engage customers and employees with high-impact visuals and continue to message and influence throughout their time on site. The innovative display provides an easy and flexible way of displaying signage content and accessing live television.

Businesses have had to rethink how they serve customers while ensuring their safety, as well as the safety of their employees. In these rapidly changing times, digital signage helps businesses communicate how they are operating and serving their communities. With the Samsung Business TV, retailers can showcase store-entry bulletins, such as store hours and customer capacity, physical distancing and safety protocols and product availability and promotions. Additionally, they can display checkout guidance, such as wait time and customer lineup details, branded messaging and community support and pick-up or checkout procedures.

Samsung Business TV also provides flexible functionality suited for a wide range of businesses looking to do more with their TV, while at the same time not overburdening staff with complicated features. From menu boards to advertising and promotion alongside TV programs, the Samsung Business TV is the ideal solution for businesses looking for a straightforward and effective way to communicate with their customers and employees.

As visual display technology continues to improve, TVs with advanced visual capabilities have become less cost prohibitive for various businesses. In today’s media-saturated environment, many businesses want to directly manage their own digital and video channels, leaving behind potentially outdated and static printed materials previously used for customer communication. Additionally, knowing that many small and medium businesses may not have dedicated internal staff, the Business TV has been developed to enable quick and simple set up. Business owners or employees can easily switch on their Samsung Business TV and follow the how-to guide on the screen.

The Business TV lineup delivers an eye-catching visual experience with UHD resolution in a range of sizes to fit just about any space or budget. The Crystal Display provides optimized colour expression, and High-Dynamic Range improves brightness levels to better catch the attention of potential customers. Featuring an impressive three year warranty, the Business TV is built to operate even with extended daily business hours, 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Samsung displays power innovative solutions within a broad range of industries, including corporate, retail, hospitality and quick serve restaurants, to address specific pain points. To learn more about solutions for your business, please visit, or contact Abby Baskaran (, Samsung Specialist at Ingram Micro