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LG Solutions to your Business Needs

LG – The Solution to your Business Needs

Clients in all industries are seeking modern and innovative ways to improve the customer experience. Seeking any edge or competitive advantage has become more necessary than ever. LG has been looking at ways to do this by increasing efficiencies through strategic partnerships, adapting to the current times, and showcasing our innovative technology. We are dedicated to ensuring we can be a one-stop shop for your business needs. This agility and willingness to adapt has allowed us to put some truly impressive digital solutions into the marketplace.

Providing value for our resellers is one of our guiding principles, and how we operate as a business unit. Our goal is not to replace channels – as a matter of fact, quite the opposite is true. We are excited to be in this industry, and proud to be a sponsor of many industry events. We are driven to build long-term relationships, continue to find solutions, and help keep this a sustainable industry. By supporting and championing our integrators, while helping them grow, we see this as a win-win partnership. We truly believe that this level of collaboration and support is at the cornerstone of our long-term success.

LG Electronics, a leading supplier of electronics technology, excels in offering comprehensive and indispensable solutions to meet virtually any business demand. With our expertise in research and development in the digital signage industry, we pride ourselves in providing access to some of the most advanced and progressive technologies in the industry. Backed by exceptional technical support and service, LG offers a large selection of public and business display solutions.

Although we have the resources and support that comes with being part of a large corporation, our Information Display Business Unit acts more like a start-up. We are here to listen to all of our customers’ needs on a case-by-case basis, adapt accordingly, and operate with a level of agility rarely seen from larger organizations. Yes, we are a manufacturer, but we are so much more than that. We are here to guide any project or opportunity that comes your way. We are here to listen and to come up with a solution to your unique situations. When you need ideation and support, we get excited when we can help guide your project, share our expertise, and provide consulting to ensure that you succeed.

We know that in this industry, timing is often a major factor, and we know that it is imperative to make decisions fast, and execute even faster. Ensuring that our products are simple to install, and with a dedicated team ready and eager to support, LG makes sure that you will be up and running in no time. We are always willing and eager to help customers and partners accelerate and improve their digital transformation, and to put their best foot forward.

As a long-time trusted provider of innovative signage solutions, LG has created an online showroom called “LG Digital Connect (DC) 2021”, which hosts a wealth of information, delivered 100 percent virtually. The showcase gives prospective customers and interested visitors an intuitive, interactive way to experience LG’s digital signage products complete with detailed product features, technical specification and useful case scenarios.

The virtual showroom demonstrates how LG’s digital signage is suitable for a broad range of applications and how it can add value in nearly every situation. LG has the right products for every space.

With high-quality, state-of-the-art displays suitable for multiple spaces and uses that are easy to install and configure, LG remains at the forefront of the expanding digital signage market.

The innovative products that we have launched and have in our pipeline is incredibly exciting. Take a look at our virtual showroom to see LG’s latest offerings