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Meetings Reinvented with Jabra

Meetings. Reinvented.

Connecting through video has become more important than ever before, but your customers are still using the same tech from pre-new-normal times. It’s time to shout ‘ACTION’ and be the hero they need by introducing them to a whole new video collaboration experience that’s as good as being in the room.

Thanks to Jabra, you’ve already given them the best professional audio. Now it’s time to show them the smarter generation of seamless, high-quality video collaboration. With Jabra PanaCast 50 and PanaCast 20, we’ve gone even further than ‘better’ - we’ve completely reinvented meetings. Welcome to the future. 

Help them to connect safely and seamlessly from anywhere.

PanaCast 50
Professional audio meets 180° video technology.
Make their meeting rooms safe again.

It goes without saying that PanaCast 50 comes with immersive, professional audio, but then there’s also our 180° field of view. Designed for use in small to medium-sized meeting rooms, it allows a safe distance between meeting participants, without cutting anyone out of the frame. Intelligent analytics inform them (and their IT team) when room occupancy guidelines are breached. And if all this wasn’t enough, our premium AI-powered Virtual Director mode dynamically follows the action in the meeting and adjusts the view perfectly, according to who’s speaking. It’s a bit like having Spielberg built in (but with less drama, hopefully).

PanaCast 20
Great quality video?
It’s time to get personal.

With PanaCast 20, premium AI-enabled 4K Ultra-HD video makes your customers look like they’ve got their own personal film crew.  On-device AI powers a range of intelligent features, like Intelligent Lighting Optimization, intuitive Picture-in-Picture mode, and Intelligent Zoom, to enhance video collaboration. Top-notch security and privacy are guaranteed, thanks to a powerful Edge-AI processor and integrated privacy cover. And the compact, portable design fits any screen for easy collaboration wherever your customers work.

Learn why here.

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Download the Jabra PanaCast Resource Overview