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Wireless Collaboration Solutions with Barco

Are your customers considering investing in a wireless collaboration solution?
Help them calculate their ROI with the ClickShare.

There are many benefits of the Barco ClickShare for your customers and their meeting room experience. Investing in ClickShare means investing in a futureproof, agnostic room solution. No need to make additional investments, with ClickShare what you see, is what you get.

Let’s list the ways in which ClickShare can help your customers save money:

  1. No License cost

As ClickShare offers a BYOM (bring your own meeting) approach to wireless videoconferencing, it works with any UC&C solution on the market. From Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom to Bluejeans and others, you can easily switch between collaboration apps in order to start any hybrid meeting in one and the same meeting room. With a truly agnostic solution, there's no vendor lock-in when it comes to UC&C platforms and no need to invest in additional, and costly yearly licenses or subscription fees.

  1. No extra cost for coverage, firmware and maintenance

With ClickShare, you know that the technology was designed with user experience at its core and that the product will continue to perform. Firmware updates included in the purchase package, make sure your units are always performant and secure.

However, for that extra peace of mind, Barco offers a free five-year coverage on current ClickShare products.

  1. No need to invest time in training employees 

              No need to train employees, ClickShare’s automated, intent-based flows do the work for them.  

Wireless conferencing and presenting with ClickShare is simple, stress-free. It’s truly plug and play in any meeting room. You don’t have to invest time or money to get your workforce started. With just one click, they can wirelessly share their screen or start a video meeting.

  1. Consider the total cost of ownership 

It’s important to take the total cost of ownership (TCO) into account when buying room technology. For ClickShare there are no yearly fees, and no extra costs for maintenance, security or firmware updates, training or management, which safeguards your investment for the future.

As part of its commitment to business, ClickShare customers not only receive quarterly firmware updates but also a complimentary management tool, which is the XMS Management Platform, an administration tool that updates and manages your ClickShare Present and ClickShare Conference room systems remotely and conveniently and gives you insightful analytics and dashboards to further improve your collaborative meeting room solutions. Set-up and management is easy.

Help your customer do the math & see for themselves how the ROI of their meeting rooms increases with the Barco ClickShare. What is the amount of time and money they save in the long run?


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