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Elevate Your Business on AWS with Ingram Micro Cloud

It is no longer any secret; cloud computing is here to stay. Ten years ago, Netflix only came by mail-order, most restaurants did not offer delivery, and no one had an electronic personal home assistant that was connected to the internet. Thankfully, some early cloud adopters have since enabled binge-watching an entire season of our favorite TV show, while ordering delivery from the locally owned Thai restaurant through our Alexa devices.

After years of trepidation, all types of business are starting to make their moves, at least in part, to cloud infrastructures. However, most are still careful in choosing what to do when they ‘dip their toe in the water,’ most often leveraging cloud for test workloads, data backups, or miscellaneous storage. Many enterprises with large cloud deployments have less than 5% of their IT operating in the cloud. For most customers, their use of the cloud is not strategic or yielding value, nor is it enabling them to innovate, build, and grow.

We are starting to see more and more companies embrace cloud in their digital transformation. A select few have wholly adopted cloud architectures, touching every aspect of the business from compute and storage, to delivering call center infrastructures, and even analyzing data for machine learning at the edge. These are the businesses that are unlocking the potential of tomorrow! They are driving innovation, making great user experiences even better, while achieving economics that enable profit and scale.

So, why are most companies still reluctant to shift their business infrastructures to cloud-based technology? Is it trust? Are they concerned about costs? Are they hesitant because of the investments they have already made in their on-prem infrastructures? Is it about familiarity or timing? Do they lack the expertise to make it happen?

The answer is ‘Yes.’

Customers encounter a variety of obstacles when looking to embrace cloud technology. They want to know that their workloads are secure. They want to be fiscally responsible to enable investments in other innovations. They may not have the resources, time, or money to invest in training for cloud. They may have just purchased that brand-new next-gen server, and all the services and support to go with it. Or maybe, they need help choosing the right partner, the right workload, and the right time to migrate.

All of these obstacles present opportunities for partners, as customers need trusted cloud advisors to guide them through a cloud transformation journey. The fact is that most resale partners or system integrators do not have all of these answers. Fortunately, Ingram Micro Cloud and AWS can help!

March, 2021, AWS and Ingram engaged in a multi-year, global Strategic Collaboration Agreement intent on scaling cloud adoption through the channel. With this agreement firmly in place, Ingram currently provides an AWS Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) team with over 100+ AWS certifications. The CCoE also enables AWS Professional and Managed Services, AWS Well-Architected services, and Ingram’s Cloud Marketplace with access to automated go to market tools, partner programs, AWS Operations and Billing Services, and much more.

Ingram’s differentiated partner enablement and support initiatives help AWS Partners build a healthy AWS practice leveraging Ingram Micro Cloud’s 9-step IaaS Practice Building methodology. These initiatives cover a wide range of sales enablement, practice development, technical enablement, and business and financial support services.

Currently, AWS and Ingram collaborate in a wide variety of segments to accelerate awareness and adoption. The shared, dedicated resources span Public Sector and Commercial, Enterprise to Small Business, in all verticals, across EMEA and North America, and parts of LATAM and APAC. The team is engineered to develop partners and their customers together, finding the right workload at the right time to demonstrate value and earn trust with the customer. Over time, this model provides customers and the partners with the foundation to grow their customer’s cloud environment through trust and performance.

So, how can you start, or continue to build your AWS cloud practice? Simple! Start by visiting our Ingram Micro Cloud AWS Partner Center. This resource will outline how Ingram helps partners develop their AWS practice, show some current AWS offers, links to training and events, and will also direct partners to programs like AWS Illuminate, where partners can get started with AWS with expert guidance.

AWS reported a 39% rate in Q3, 2021, and 40% in Q4. The trajectory is expected to continue to grow on a run-rate of $71 Billion. As stated, the opportunities are still abundant. Don’t be stuck on a couch watching Ozark on Netflix while the cloud wave continues to rise. Get started with AWS and Ingram Micro Cloud today!

“Hey Alexa, please place an order for Pad Thai.”

-Brett Zumwalt, Sr. Partner Marketing Manager, AWS