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Avaya - Journey to the Cloud

Help Your Customers Live Their Best Cloud Life
By Corrine Jakacki


Journey to the Cloud

At Avaya, it’s all about the experiences.  Whether it is our knowledge with unified communications or the interactions we provide our partners and customers, we know those experiences matter.  They matter when an organization is looking for the right communication solution to solve a business need or to unify an organization in disparate locations. Solutions that bring people together like communications, collaborations, and employee and customer experience are vital to an organization’s success. And Avaya has the experience to help those customers as they find the right solution.

In theory it sounds easy…move the customer to the cloud. But at Avaya, we know that it is not that simple. A successful migration to the cloud requires a holistic plan between Avaya, the customer and the partner to ensure your customer’s journey to the cloud can be sustainable, secure, and stress-free. As you start to discuss cloud solutions with your customer, you need to create a plan that ensures success while maintaining competitive urgency.


To prepare a solid strategy, you must first understand what business issues or challenges the customer is trying to resolve or improve upon. Then compare initial cloud deployments with the business objectives and KPIs. How do current technologies meet or limit the organization’s ability to meet those needs? Should those technologies change, stay the same, or be eliminated?


Realizing that any solution must provide security and reliability without sacrificing scalability, determine how you will align and future-proof existing and new investments. This where you deliver technology solutions that are secure, reliable, and integrated. But do not think you are done. The technology is not the last piece of the process; for long-term success, there are a few more steps.


Once your organization has the technology, it is critical to manage it effectively. Maximize ROI across different users, departments, and workflows by ensuring technology adoption and proper usage are implemented across the board. Once everyone embraces the new way of working, transform your cloud services through tailoring and integration into workflows.  This step customizes services to your organization, streamlining business processes and boosting both the employee and customer experience.


Now that you have successfully implemented a new technology, you may think you are done. But the most successful organizations realize that technology planning is ongoing process. It is critical to monitor KPIs and optimize investments. This is how your organization stays future-proof, ensuring your communication and collaboration capabilities align with ever-evolving economic conditions.

Succeed by Leveraging the Right Partner

There is a lot to consider when your organization is moving its communications, collaboration,  employee and customer experience to the cloud. How do you keep track of all those requirements and tasks while maintaining day-to-day operations? Relying on an experienced partner is key. A trusted cloud communications services provider, with experience in cloud migrations, can support your unique transformation journey.  It is critical they can  adapt to changing technology and business requirements and maintain alignment with your organization’s goals.

Finding the right cloud services provider might seem overwhelming. How do you know which one is the right one? Your services provider should offer industry-leading, secure, reliable cloud communications solutions and maintain a broad portfolio of communications devices, infrastructure, and professional and managed services to meet and anticipate your organization’s evolving needs. With service providers like Avaya Cloud Office, global solutions for remote and on-site employees have never been easier to manage. 

We learned that how people work is ever-changing and those organizations that quickly adapt to the current situation are the most successful. Your organization needs to leverage technology to stay flexible, agile and connected. Working with a trusted services provider who understands your business needs can help your organization pivot when the situation arises.

Moving to the cloud is a journey, and you should not go it alone. Your cloud services provider must be experienced, yet innovative, attentive, reliable, and secure. For a partner who realizes that experiences matter, you don’t need to look any further than Avaya. An integrated cloud services platform that supports multiple modalities, like Avaya Cloud Office, enhances EX, meets diverse employee needs, and provides the tools to measure performance and outcomes. With the integration of Avaya OneCloud CCaaS, CX is covered as well.  Avaya is proud to deliver personalized, industry-leading solutions that are good for business and good for people.

Interested in offering a Cloud solution that can transform your customers’ businesses? Reach out to your Ingram Micro representative for an introduction to Avaya.  Avaya’s team of dedicated resources have experience in moving partners and customers to the cloud and can help you position Avaya OneCloud to transform any organization.