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Would You Like Office With That?

Already Selling Windows 10 Pro?

Are you selling Windows Pro 10 devices and not Office 2019? It’s time you increase your selling potential by combining Windows 10 Pro with Office. Customers opt for Windows 10 to improve their productivity, and Office is a leading productivity tool that should accompany a Windows device. Office helps users get more done, work better and more efficiently with others, plus it helps them protect their data.  Furthermore, with this productivity duo, you can increase your margins!

Offer the Best Tools to Your Customers

Don’t leave your customers scrambling. If they are running a Windows 10 device and running an older version of Office, it’s an excellent time to encourage them to upgrade to take full advantage of the fantastic features of Office 2019. Not only does Office work well with Windows 10 devices, but they also work great for Macs too. As the support for Windows 7 draws near, customers demand more Windows 10 products, which brings more opportunity for you.

While older versions of Microsoft office can provide basic output functionality, customers can achieve more with the current assortment of Office products, particularly when they combine them with Windows 10 Pro. Customers can choose from Office Home and Business 2019, Office Professional 2019, and Microsoft 365 Business Standard. Office Home & Business 2019 comes with standard 2019 versions of their favourite Office apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, along with their respective features.

Office App Features Augment Windows 10 Pro Devices

A Focused Inbox in Outlook separates your customer’s inbox into two tabs, enabling them to focus on what is critical. The rest of their email remains easily accessible on the “Other” tab.

Funnel Charts, 2D Maps, PowerPivot, and PowerQuery enhancements help identify insights, trends, and opportunities in your customer’s Excel data. 

A new built-in library of professional, high-quality icons and 3D Models make PowerPoint presentations more dynamic and exciting. Zoom1 introduces non-linear storytelling while giving users the flexibility they need to maintain their narrative. Morph creates cinematic motion and effortless transitions between PowerPoint slides.

Not only does Ink let people draw and write with a digital pen, but Ink Replay replays each ink stroke. Side by Side introduces flipping through pages like a book with a finger, rather than scrolling. Word Translator enables translating documents into a different language directly from within the app.


Office Provides Optimized Performance

While older versions of Office will provide the core functionality your customers expect, they won’t be getting all the new and updated features of current Office family products. Also, the best time to sell Office is during a new Windows 10 Pro device sale, which leads to greater revenue opportunities.  

Microsoft specifically the Office 2019 family of products for optimized performance on Windows 10 devices. If users are upgrading their devices, they should upgrade their productivity software to get the full experience.

For more information on Microsoft devices, contact Chris Pierson - Channel Account Specialist.