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Windows Server - What channel is right for me?

When shopping for a new server, Windows server is a clear choice – known as the consistent pick by critics as for their dependability and speed. The REAL question that customers need to consider is: What channel is right for you?

There are 2 channels offered by Windows Servers – a semi-annual channel and a long-term servicing channel. When weighing your options, which features are best suited for you will be determined by your specific business.

Semi-Annual Channel

Designed for those who innovate, this channel is for clients who containerize their applications and hosts and would benefit from hyper-converged hosting capabilities. As the name suggests, the servers update every six months, or semi-annually.

The semi-annual channel is the no-fuss option as setting up this server is a matter of minutes and the installation only requires a Server Core and Nano server. Ideal for businesses growing at a rapid pace without the square-footage required for the traditional, bulky server rooms.

Support for your Windows Server will last for 18 months from Windows proper or your licensed dealer and the users of this server are accessible to those who are existing cloud or software assurance customers.

Long-term Servicing Channel

If you are looking for a more general-purpose file server, this channel’s server is able to manage first and third-party workloads, more traditional apps, and other infrastructure roles. With new releases every 2-3 years, the workflow is streamlined while assuring that your data is safe and secure.

Accessible to all clients, this channel offers 5 years of mainstream support as well as 5 years of extended support through Windows and other authorized dealers that is crucial to maintaining a stable server.

This channel provides dual installation options, not only from the core but with a desktop experience, with an easy set-up and ability to maintain right from your windows server.

No matter if you are a new start-up, and looking to innovate, or a traditional brick and mortar business that is looking for a general-purpose file server, the Windows Server channels have you covered. With dependable, fast and secure server options, the Windows Server channels might be in your business's future.