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Why Using the Lenovo Combat Kit Benefits Your Business

Visual Asset Text: The Benefits Of The Lenovo Combat Kit 

Growing your business takes work. You need secure technology you can count on so you can focus on the things that matter. Get access to the newest technology by ordering the sample kit from Lenovo. Small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) can take advantage of the Lenovo Combat Kit to not only grow their business but meet and exceed client and shareholder needs in ways never thought possible. There’s no obligation, just place your order and try out the newest devices. You can order your kit here.

What is the Lenovo Combat Kit?

Lenovo is one of the world’s largest PC vendors and produces PCs and mobile internet devices that help small to medium size businesses grow their operations. The Lenovo Combat Kit is a product that consists of a box (sort of like a reinforced trunk) that contains the latest and most popular models of the company’s notebooks, tablets and devices. Think of it as your toolbox for technological success. Get it in the hands of your staff and let them use the technology to increase efficiencies and output. We recognize that the standard lifecycle of a computer is three years. Even if today is not the best time to make an investment in technology, we want you to be well-informed regarding the options that do exist for helping businesses remain agile and on the leading edge.

What is included in the kit?

Included in the kit are systems and accessories like the company’s best-selling ThinkPads and power adapters. Moreover, all systems in the kit are equipped with out-of-the-box features such as video tutorials, product specs, training guides and productivity apps to ensure you get the most out of their offering. From the moment the kit arrives, you will be able to navigate your way through the entire setup process without any intense IT training.  Again, there is no obligation. Just order and test.

The new Combat Kit is designed to:

Simplify the customer search and cut through device confusion by putting different usage models into the hands of the people that will use them. Equip customers to sustain, secure, or grow their business over the next three years. See, touch, and experience Lenovo’s most comprehensive ThinkPad® portfolio.

What are the benefits of the Combat Kit for SMBs?

The turnkey solution really benefits small to medium sized businesses. The Kit affords SMBs the opportunity to engage with and learn to adjust to the ever shifting market without the aggravation that comes with trial and error of new technology products. The kit comes ready with the latest software, increasing PC landscape and encompassing Microsoft OS changes. In addition, the Lenovo Combat Kit was created to give SMBs the opportunity to compete in their industry while sustaining, securing and growing their business year after year. If you want a kit designed for small to medium sized businesses that comes equipped and ready, out of the box, than this is the kit for you.

Why trust Lenovo?

The company has been on the forefront of personal computing for years leveraging their engineering know-how with the idea that portability is the way to lead for small to medium sized businesses. Lenovo’s ThinkPad (latest version is included in the Combat Kit) is on the leading-edge of personal and business-minded tech. The device is equipped with a strong fibre roll cage to safeguard the hard disk drive, fingerprint reader that makes your finger a most trustworthy password, and what they refer to as their “blue button” that saves data with one touch. The latest in features at your fingertips. All Lenovo products are reliable, durable, energy-efficient and secure - which is probably the most important facet of technology. Without secure tech, your business is vulnerable and you will not succeed in the marketplace. Don’t waste time with third party solutions. Get it all, ready to go, in one kit!

Click here to place your order now! See, touch, and experience Lenovo’s comprehensive ThinkPad portfolio.