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Why Microsoft Surface Devices Are the Best Option for Education

In today’s day and age, technology is a necessity. The days of pen and paper are behind us; now, it’s all about styluses and tablets. If you’re looking to transform your classroom digitally, Microsoft Surface for Business devices are undoubtedly the best option for not just the students, but also the teachers. There’s a device available for people of all ages and abilities looking to learn. The size, innovativeness, accessibility and available accessories make Surface the top choice for any educational institution looking to optimize the learning experience for their students.


The Surface Go is great for students on the go - whether they’re fifth graders or Ph.D. candidates. It’s incredibly light at a mere 1.15lbs with a slim yet dynamic 10-inch screen, making it easy to carry around in any backpack, purse, or tote bag. They have a whopping nine hours of battery life so it’ll last all day through classes, study sessions and essay writing. The LTE advanced networking makes it even easier for students to do schoolwork from anywhere, at any time. You’ll never need to worry about being connected to wi-fi.


Surface Go is the notebook of the future. Read notes and watch lessons in tablet mode, click through images and type essays in laptop mode, sketch ideas in studio mode and there’s always the option to interact using your fingertips. You won’t have to waste precious class time by struggling to connect your computer to a printer or projector. Students and teachers can connect with any other educational devices including printers, projectors, cameras, keyboards, digital microscopes and even robots in seconds.


There are also innovations that are tailor-made for different accessibility issues. For example, Immersive Reader allows students to change the spacing of text and have text read aloud with words sounded out by the syllable. This is the perfect tool to help readers at all levels improve. The Accessibility Checker makes recommendations within Office apps for teachers looking to ensure their contest is consumable for students with different abilities in vision, hearing, cognition and mobility. Microsoft Translator makes it easy to translate languages in real time so you won’t have to worry about language barriers in the classroom.


Surface for Business Devices are perfectly functional without the use of accessories. Surface has a plethora of add-ons that will make lives even better. From the Surface Go Type Cover that is a both a case and a backlit keyboard to Surface Mobile Mouse to the Microsoft Classroom Pen that allows users to write and draw so naturally that they’ll feel like they’re using pen and paper. These accessories are just as durable and built for mobile use as the devices they’re paired with.

For more information on how to integrate Surface for Business devices in your school or institution, talk to your local Microsoft dealer. Microsoft has pricing options available for educational institutions looking to make the switch to Surface.

Prepare classrooms for tomorrow with Microsoft Surface.