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What you need to know about Jennifer Villers, our Director of Marketing

Recently it was announced by Bill Brandel, our Country Chief Executive,  that Jennifer Villers, our Head of Marketing, was promoted to Director of Marketing at Ingram Micro Canada. I wanted to take this moment to highlight Jennifer and her contributions to Ingram Micro over the years and who she is as a leader.

Here's what Bill has to say:

"On top of continuously evolving our marketing strategies and campaigns, Jennifer was responsible for introducing Business Intelligence to Canada, digitally transforming our marketing offerings, and building and leading an award-winning team. Jennifer is highly regarded as a subject matter expert on the Canadian Channel Chiefs Council (C4) and is a strong advocate for women in technology."

Jennifer has spent over 20 years with Ingram Micro, helping to formulate the current vision and strategy of Ingram Micro Canada through various marketing initiatives. She has built a marketing team of talented and hard-working professionals who have received awards for their innovative and results-oriented marketing campaigns. She is a strong advocate of women in technology and will frequently mentor women of all ages who are looking to grow in their careers.  

What do some of Jennifer's team and colleagues have to say?

"Congratulations to Jennifer on her promotion to Director of Marketing! Jennifer supports the Vendor Management team by providing our vendor partners with a positive customer experience. She and her team build award-winning marketing programs and events that inspire our customers and provide a platform for our vendor partners to showcase their products and solutions effectively."

- Anthony Karim, VP of Vendor Management, Ingram Micro Canada

"Having worked with Jennifer in the Marketing team for every day of her 22 years at Ingram Micro, I consider her as family - and yes, in times of my personal need, she went over her role as a leader and demonstrated her true compassionate self. This promotion as a Director of Marketing is truly well-deserved."

- Steve Brown, Web Architect, Ingram Micro Canada

"Can Finance and Marketing leaders work effectively together?  The answer is, 'Yes,' if the Marketing leader happens to be Jennifer Villers.  Having worked with multiple Marketing Directors over the years, Jennifer V. stands above the rest in terms of her determination to build partnerships that have resulted in consistent success for Marketing and, therefore, Ingram Micro Canada. 

On behalf of the entire Controllership team, we congratulate Jennifer on her well-deserved promotion and look forward to continuing the strong partnership she has developed with the Controllership team! "

- Victor Treffkorn, Director of Finance, Ingram Micro Canada

"A heartfelt congratulations on your promotion to Director of Marketing. The team is ecstatic that your hard work and diligence have been recognized. Thank you for your years of support and leadership." 

- Nancy Stabile, Sr. Program Manager, Ingram Micro Canada

"Jenn is one of the very few and unique leaders who lead with a purpose towards a common goal, with a passion for Marketing. She focuses on helping the team through empowerment with problem-solving while keeping us accountable and own the choices we make to learn and adapt from failures. Her transparent and open-minded ability to influence has earned her the respect of the team. She is always looking for ways to keep the team motivated and understands that people are the key to an elevated level of success for our department going from good to great. Personally, it was Jenn why I decided to re-join Ingram Micro, and it’s been a pleasure working with her."

- Azhar Khan, Sr. Marketing Account Manager, Ingram Micro Canada

"Jennifer is a great leader! Her passion, energy and positivity are infectious. She focuses on developing and building her team to make them more effective and enhance their skills. She is a great peer and very supportive of everyone she works with."

- Lori Scarlett, Director of Human Resources, Ingram Micro Canada

Jenn, congratulations on your well-deserved promotion. You are an extraordinary leader who supports her team and takes great pride in them. This is clearly evident in the success that Marketing continues to achieve each year.  May you always keep on climbing. 

- Roslynn Elieff, Sr. Program Manager, Ingram Micro Canada

Personally, Jennifer has been one of my biggest advocates at Ingram Micro. She has given me the motivation and courage to take risks in my career, which has helped me grow into the role I've aspired to achieve in my career. It's not often you land on a manager and leader who is committed to your success. One who will have your back no matter what and will go to great lengths to get you the recognition you deserve. We all deserve a leader, manager, boss like Jennifer Villers.

A little more about Jennifer Villers

A graduate of Sheridan College, Jennifer began her employment at Ingram Micro Canada in June of 1998 as a Vendor Marketing Manager, which she held until 2011. After successfully running her marketing team to continued success, she was promoted to Senior Marketing Manager, Account Management & Client Services. Jennifer has been a steady advocate for women in the IT sector and channel community. This allowed her to move up within the ranks at Ingram Micro, support women in the company with similar roles and ensure that women have a voice in IT across the country.

So with that, please join us in congratulating Jennifer on her well-deserved promotion. You can do so by connecting with her on LinkedIn.