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What We Can Learn From The Uber Data Breach

Uber Data Break

Living in a digital age – from banking data to consumer statistics – the power of information is still an attractive metric for those who want to be disruptive in the world.

The recent Uber data breach is the perfect example wherein the private and sensitive details of thousands of drivers were compromised, and was only revealed months after it occurred. To the average person, this would come as a shock but to one well-versed in the cyber world, it is merely another example of how poorly protected companies and individuals are against those who would deliberately seek it.

On average, there are three cyberattacks per minute which works out to over 1.5 million hacking attacks yearly, the vast majority of which the public never even hears about. Despite this, Dell SecureWorks data shows that ransomware/malware rakes in up to $30 million every 100 days, victims ranging from individuals to small and medium enterprises and even Fortune 500 companies.

No one is safe, from Sony to Equifax, companies and individuals are realizing that their security is easily breached, and their customer's information is at stake. What can they do? Well, one simple thing is to let the professionals at Ingram Micro showcase where their cybersecurity is weak.

Ingram Micro has developed a revolutionary Penetration Test Assessment system that helps businesses and individuals protect against hacking, ransomware, malware and other types of attack. An expert set of ethical hackers – domestic and international – are employed to expose flaws in your security architecture through URL or other web applications, ensuring your system is impenetrable for a real assault.

For those who are looking to take preventative measures, many companies have placed their trust in the expertise of Check Point Security. They offer individuals and companies the ability to protect the security infrastructure, and those who utilise mobile solutions and cloud solutions for their day-to-day operations. Ingram Micro relies on Check Point to maintain the security of data, no matter the threat.