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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Printer

So, your business is in the market for a new laser printer or you want to replace the old clunker you’ve been using forever.  Do you really know what printer will best suit your environment?  Most users do not and unfortunately that can result in a printer that you pay too much for OR a printer that doesn’t meet the demands of the people who will be using it. 

There are many specific factors to take into consideration when deciding upon the best laser printer for your environment, but below are five things above and beyond acquisition cost to consider when making your decision:

  1. Check your print frequency. In order to improve office efficiency and print costs, it is very important to truly understand what your business is printing now to assess actual needs. As an example, if your environment typically prints very large colour presentations, an entry-level device with low toner yield cartridges will end up costing a business more per page than a larger, faster device with higher page yield options and a longer-life imaging unit. Not only how much pages you print, but whether you require two-sided (duplex) capabilities or if you print more than the 5% standard page coverage print manufacturers base their toner yields on.  Knowing what you’ve been printing will allow you to make an informed decision moving forward. 
  2. Number of users. How many users will the device (or devices) each be supporting? The days of every employee having their own printer are long gone.   If a business is able to consolidate multiple printers into a central location it will not only provide physical space advantages, but also provide cost savings to a business that include reduced printer acquisition, toner cartridge usage/replacement and energy costs.
  3. Consider a printer with Smart MFP.  Smart MFP’s (Multi-function printers) with embedded apps have revolutionized the printer of yester-year.  Smart MFP’s can increase efficiency in your business with a multitude of standard and ‘add-on’ applications embedded in the device to be your business’ best friend.  Everything from secure print release, remote access, intelligent capture and customizable user access features are available as standard or add on options.  Smart MFP solution options are endless, so be sure to choose a manufacturer that can customize your device based on your needs.
  4. Security features.  Never has securing data in relation to print been more relevant than now.  Businesses should always consider printers that include standard security features with a range of coverage to protect their information.  The option to upgrade security features should also be available if a more robust requirement is necessary.
  5. Go Green! Support a manufacturer that is focused on green initiatives.  The manufacturer should provide free return of spent toner cartridges for reuse or recycling as well as the option to purchase long-life consumables (high/extra high yield cartridges and separate imaging units) to reduce the environmental impact of additional product packaging, transportation and raw materials for manufacturing.

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