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Top Ten Signs It’s Time to Modernize your Boardroom

Does your conference room look like something out of a 90’s movie? In days long past a projector and a speakerphone were the norm for conference room technology, bonus if they both worked. However, technology has made major strides and businesses no longer have to worry about outdated projectors and garbled sounding conference calls.  If you think your space may be outdated, check out the top ten signs you need a refresh:

  1. You have to wheel the projector in on a rickety cart.
  2. People trip over power bars and tangled cords.
  3. Your notes on the whiteboard get smudged and ruin presentations.
  4. You crowd around a laptop because it’s too difficult to get the projection on the screen.
  5. Anyone who’s not in the boardroom during a conference call has to follow along with an e-mailed presentation.
  6. Your conference room has windows and you have to close the blinds, so everyone can see the presentation screen.
  7. Other staff members disrupt your meetings to ask how long you have the room booked.
  8. People calling in during video conference calls sound like they’re underwater.
  9. You have to shout over the sound of your projector’s internal fan.
  10. The images on the presentation screen appear differently than they do on your screen making it difficult to make out numbers and text. 

If you’ve noticed any of these 10 signs in your office, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. Say hello to the Samsung Smart LED Signage IF Series, the go-to for a boardroom makeover and solution to all of the issues above.

The Samsung IF Series elevates the viewing and sonic experience for presentations and conference calls. The LED screens use High Definition Range (HDR) scene adaptation technology which balances brightness and contrast to ensure that you’ll never have to turn out the lights or close the blinds in your meeting space again. Whoever you are video calling, wherever they are, will appear in crystal-clear HD and all the images in your presentations will look true to life. Squinting to read numbers on screens will be a thing of the past and remote workers will feel like they are in the room with you.

Unlike the projectors and screens of yesteryear, the IF Series offers an easy and foolproof installation process. A practical Direct Mount Kit allows you to slide and mount each screen in one swift motion and requires no nails, screws or other tools. The frame and screen combined boast a width of only 90mm, so you can guarantee it is light and not bulky. The IF Series LED screens are permanently mounted so you’ll no longer have to worry about wheeling in a cart with an overhead projector. The screen will always be there making it perfect for last-minute meetings, conferences and brief presentations. The Samsung IF Series require little to no effort to install and use making this game-changing technology the perfect solution to update your space. 

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Channel Account Specialist – Samsung

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Vendor Business Manager
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