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Top 5 things you need to know about Meraki

Top 5 things you need to know about Meraki

How do you tackle a beast of a company, such as Cisco, in understanding their breadth of solutions? A bit at a time.

As an SMB company, your time is limited…And so can your budgets.  However, your technology solution options shouldn’t be limited at all. Cisco’s award-winning technology not only suits your small or mid-sized company’s goals but helps you manage teams, manage IT and make it easy while leveraging their technologies.

Meraki, for example, is quite popular in the SMB realm of partners and customers….and for a good reason. The sales cycles for Meraki are relatively short.

These top five ‘need to know points’ on Meraki will help you understand why Meraki is the one you’ve been waiting for!

1.    You can easily Grow your Deal Size: Because Meraki offers a full stack solution, it leads to both cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

2.    Meraki is Easy to Manage: With the simplified management console, this gives your customers the ability to deploy and grow their networks easily and rapidly. Additionally, systems can be managed remotely with Meraki, great for a management service offering.

3.    Easy to deploy: Because Meraki is a cloud-based solution, it can be instantly deployed to networks of any size. Meraki is ideal for all customers, from small health clinics to large distributed enterprises.

4.    Easy to Sell: Meraki’s Try and Buy and Webinar Program are geared toward helping you accelerate the sales cycle. If you have a customer wanting to learn more about Meraki, why not send them to a webinar where they can receive free promotional gear to test in their environment.

5.    Easy Recurring Revenue Growth -  Meraki’s licensing model enables partners to bundle various subscription-based services. This not only locks in the customer but also leads to renewal opportunities.

Who doesn’t want to grow their deal size, manage easily, deploy easily, sell easily and incur reoccurring revenue – easily?  “For today's SMB networks that need to be both secure, highly agile and cost-effective, Meraki's cloud managed approach to networking provides versatility, a unified stack of networking devices with intuitive management in a single pane of glass for secure, feature-rich, cloud-based networking. Best of all, management of your network is simple and intuitive,” Vicky Bagwalla, Managing Partner, Cloud Managed Networks.

For more information on Meraki contact: or Meraki Legacy

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