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Top 5 Reasons Windows 10 is Better Than Chrome

As a company that has developed, it’s entire business model with client success in mind, Microsoft has raised the bar with the Windows 10 Pro devices. With cutting-edge security, amazing applications and a focus on optimizing the mobile experience, their current lineup truly knocks it out of the park.

For businesses, it provides a stable platform that can easily be utilized in an existing enterprise system, while it allows individual customers to produce better work whether at home, the office or while on-the-go with ample customization and powerful.

With that in mind, here are the Top Five Reasons Windows 10 Pro Is Better Than Chrome:

1. Applications

Windows 10 Pro devices are the only certified devices that come with the full suite of Office apps ready to go. We are not talking about Office on The Go, but the FULL version of Office that allows Windows 10 Pro customers to truly deliver services while offsite. The devices are also equipped with a range of useful apps and can even connect to USB printers, perfect for those who are mobile throughout their workday.

2.  Encryption

Nowadays, security should be the number one concern for businesses, and Windows 10 Pro devices, has you covered. They offer USB storage encryption, as well as, on-the-go digital rights management that allows for a seamless and secure connection with your data.

3.  On-The-Go Commercial-Grade Apps

When it comes to day-to-day operations, sometimes quick and convenient access to certain applications while offsite is necessary. Full, commercial-grade apps for your Windows 10 Pro device – such as QuickBooks, DocuSign, and Citrix Receiver – means your work won’t be compromised.

4. Easy Integration

Your IT team will have a painless experience seamlessly incorporating the Windows 10 Pro devices with your existing IT infrastructure. These gadgets allow you to work with both the Microsoft and third-party mobile device management software, to ensure a fully integrated and secure mobile space.

5. Security

These devices have access to one of the most current protection suites that the company has ever produced, including an anti-virus, firewall and phishing filters that are constantly updating. They all come with BitLocker and Windows Information Protection to ensure that your business will be protected, and sensitive data will be locked down. Finally, Windows Hello allows for an enterprise-grade solution to passwords that revolutionizes the way we think of passwords.

It’s about time that you looked at Windows 10 Pro for their applications, encryption, third party accessibility, integration and of course, their security. Contact us today, and see why Azure can provide you with the Windows 10 Pro devices your business needs.