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Top 3 Ways that Cloud-Based Configure-Price-Quote Solutions are Automating Manual Processes

If you’re a VAR, system integrator, or solution provider in the technology space struggling with quoting a large variety of products and services, you’re not alone.

Quoting projects for your clients means navigating a variety of complex variables, and that often includes conquering the beast of a spreadsheet lurking in your sales quoting process.

Complicated costing formulas, manual upkeep, capacity for human error, and lack of standardization of output for clients makes spreadsheet quoting a tedious task.

Furthermore, if you’re stranded in the antiquated world of manual quoting processes, chances are you also don’t have clear visibility into the history of your quotes or what’s sitting in your sales pipeline.

While your sales reps may diligently create and deliver quotes to their customers, they may not be as interested in manually updating opportunities and forecast information once the quote is done. Or conversely, their forecast may contain numbers not supported by delivered quotes.

So the question is, how can companies find an effective strategy for providing quotes? That’s where ConnectWise Sell comes into the picture.

Here’s a break down of the top 3 ways that ConnectWise Sell, our cloud-based CPQ solution, is automating these once manual processes:

It’s Cloud-Based

There are multiple ways that using automated CPQ solutions will save you time. As ConnectWise Sell is built into the cloud, it allows users to access their quote and proposal data from anywhere in the world. Not only does it permit you to send quotes on-the-go, but it facilitates a variety of processes to be performed such as:

  • Importing Bill of Material docs
  • Collecting credit card information
  • Receiving customer approvals
  • Updating your Customer Relationship Management data (CRM) automatically

Implementing a cloud-based CPQ will let you to store everything you need in in a singular location that boasts automated workflows. In fact, ConnectWise Sell is integrated with some of the industries top CRM systems, such as:

  • ConnectWise Manage
  • NetSuite
  • SalesForce
  • Microsoft Dynamics

Providing Intelligent Quotes

Being able to deliver quotes online, not only allows your new and existing customers the ability to review your quote anywhere at any time, which creates a great customer experience, your customers are also able to execute the document with an official electronic signature with no additional effort. Turning your quotes and proposals into won sale quickly and efficiently.

This cloud-based CPQ solution tightens up revenue pipelines by improving sales effectiveness and increasing the accuracy of quotes and proposals. By having a CPQ native solution on your CRM platform, you can stimulate your revenue pipelines and provide a strategic view of all sales activity, infusing greater intelligence into each quote.

Offering Professional Templates

The streamlined professional templates delivered in ConnectWise Sell provides intuitive quotes and proposals to your customers. These templates are highly user-friendly and deliver an interactive presentation via a personalized URL, including videos and meaningful options for customer selection.

How ConnectWise Sell is Unique

At the end of the day, sales are what truly matter in the world of commerce. We understand this, and through ConnectWise Sell, you can fast track your quote and proposal process.

The bottom line is that as the complexity of your products and recurring services continue to grow, your manual quoting process will eventually become impossible to sustain. Simply put, ConnectWise Sell can help you keep track of the people, processes, quote history, and content that you can rely on for amped efficiency and simpler sales.

Our prices are customized to reflect your company’s unique needs. Request your quote today so that you can forego the disorganized world of manual CPQ and step into the future of cloud-based processes!