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Top 3 Huddle Room Technology Essentials

As more companies move to open source floor plans – the productivity debate aside – there is an undoubted need to provide a variety of focus and collaborative spaces. Enter, the huddle room.

Before you think this is just a hipster or millennial word, an end-user market survey from Wainhouse indicates that 66% of participants plan on deploying a huddle room in their office plan. In fact, a research report by the same team in 2017 indicate there were 50 million huddle rooms globally in 2017.

Right at the heels of Cisco’s advanced huddle space technology offerings announcement at their BroadSoft Connections and Partner Summit Events, we would like to share with you our3 huddle room technology essentials.

  1. Wireless Content Sharing Tools - Huddle room technology today has evolved far beyond a basic whiteboard. Whether the huddle group needs to share and compare sheets on a single screen from multiple devices or a wireless presentation system, your huddle room tech needs to include a wireless content sharing.

  2. Audio and Video Collaboration Tools - We’re living in advanced audio and video collaboration technology times, so we need to leverage AI and room-reading intelligence. Look for a tool that includes features like facial recognition, noise suppression and a sophisticated camera. Devices that accommodate popular audio and video collaboration apps on a simplified interface is what you would want to incorporate.

  3.  Ideation Solutions - Leave your post-it notes and the markers that don’t work, behind.  Think - remote-user accommodative digital writing solutions - designed for real-time ideation. Now take this experience and identify a tool that syncs with mobile devices. That’s an ideation ecosystem for you.

All technologies described above exist and are provided by the most competitive brands in the market today. Is your client asking you for a small but infinitely intelligent huddle room technology deployment? Connect with the Ingram Micro Professional Services team. We’re a team of certified technology experts keen to work with you on your next deployment. For white-label technology deployment services write to