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Top 10 smart conferencing features you’ll want in your meeting rooms


Top 10 smart conferencing features you’ll want in your meeting rooms

“Connected-ness” is what our digital era is all about. You want EVERYTHING to be Smart. Your cell phones are smart, your laptops, cars…so why not your meeting rooms?

With an average worker spending up to 35% of their work life in meetings – you want those meetings to reflect smart technology.  The ability to collaborate during meetings transforms any conference room into a hassle-free environment. 

You know when you go to a restaurant, and you order the Sampler Trio?  You get the best of their top 3 appetizers.  That’s similar to the Polycom Trio.  Best three technologies all in one conference phone.

Let’s dive into why Polycom’s Trio is the collaboration tool for all your meetings.

1.    The Trio isn’t just a conference phone but a 3-in-1. Not only does it make audio calls and video calls, but it also allows you to share content.

2.    Your IT department will love this ease of use integration.  Not only does it reduce the burden for IT training and support issues, but it also connects to multiple UC ecosystems, allows for secure remote provisioning and management, AND is scalable for every environment.  This allows for a consistent user experience for easy user adoption.

3.    With a multitude of collaboration features, picking the right components for each and every room dimension is possible.  Need tracking cameras, wireless content and annotation, ceiling microphones? All possible.  We understand that not all room as made equal, so we’ve got you covered.

4.    Technology comes at a price.  But not with the Polycom Trio.  This affordable video, voice and content collaboration tool doesn’t require a PC or other AV gear.  Nor will it need to be replaced in a couple years like other similar products.  Plus, it won’t break the bank.

5.    Already have other platforms in your environment? No problem.  Polycom Trio can register more than one voice or UC platform through its unique hybrid registration feature. This makes calling customers regardless of the call platform – a breeze.

6.    BYOD! Got your own device? Great! It pairs easily with wireless devices for content sharing and audio purposes. Connectivity is available via Bluetooth/ NFC or a simple USB cable.

7.    Anxious about dialing in and making sure you’ve got all the pin #s correct? Don’t fret. With one-touch-join calling, Polycom Trio integrates with your calendar to prepare for effortless productive meetings. One touch and you’re done.

8.    It’s pretty! Full color makes for an eye engaging experience.  This touchscreen interface is intuitive.  Who doesn’t love intuitive colorful technology?!?

9.    Oh Snap! Pressed the wrong button…again? The end button being mistaken for the mute button could be a murphy’s law addition. Never again. With the illumination of thoughtful buttons, Polycom Trio will highlight mute buttons so there is no room for erroneously hanging up on an important customer call.

10.    Do you ever join a call and have to apologize for background noise? Sounding like you’re underwater? Unidentifiable clicks on the phone? With the best in full wideband HD voice and bass reflex integration, room-filling sounds will automatically be muted, so those don’t come through on your meeting minutes or customers conversations — finally, a room void of background distractions.

For the past 25 years, Polycom has set the standard for conferencing, and it’s the Polycom mission to deliver solutions to make work easier, both now and in the future. Contact your Ingram Micro Canada Polycom Account Exec, Jeff Crothall -   for the Trio family of solutions today.