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Explore the Benefits of Cloud Communications with Avaya Cloud Office

There’s No Better Time to Be Selling Cloud Communications

If you asked anyone a year ago how 2020 would progress, even the most confident fortune-tellers probably would have been off on their predictions. Across Canada and the world, COVID-19 is a major health crisis. We’ve had to adapt to new measures to cope that have flipped entire industries upside down, changed how and where we work and is still influencing how companies spend their IT budgets.

Demand for cloud-based communication solutions has skyrocketed, while many resellers have seen revenue stall for solution lines that depend on employees in the office. If you are not currently offering unified-communications-as-a-service (UCaaS), you may want to rethink that strategy.

What is UCaaS?

UCaaS is defined as unified communications delivered through a common platform and licensed on a monthly, recurring basis. The provider looks after owning, operating, maintaining, and delivering the solution, like other SaaS-based business models. While the definition of unified communications can vary, it generally refers to enterprise-grade communication features such as voice, instant messaging, conferencing, presence detection, and mobility. And it’s a growing market. According to UC Today, analysts expect the unified communications market to be worth $167.1 billion by 2025, up from $120 billion today.

Voice Wasn’t Always Simple

Many companies had good reason to shy away from unified communications in the past. Solutions were complex, it required on-site support, and high amounts of training and expertise were needed. If this wasn’t the core focus of your business, it was hard to compete and win consumers’ trust against dedicated telephony companies.

While this has begun to change with the growth of UCaaS, working with cloud-only providers presents another set of challenges. Many of these organizations are newer and don’t yet have the support and services infrastructure required to migrate larger customers. Other providers are mainly active in the United States and have a limited presence in the Canadian market. If something goes wrong, it can be tough to get a resolution, and it’s usually the reseller that pays the price with an unhappy customer. It’s also difficult to gauge how many of these cloud-based organizations will survive long term.

The Market Has Changed

Enter Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral. This offering is a game-changer for organizations looking to expand and offer UCaaS to their customers. With Avaya Cloud Office, you’re getting the best of two industry leaders in unified communications. The core UCaaS platform is built on RingCentral, an award-winning leader in Unified Communications with best-in-class reliability, security, and integrations. Avaya brings decades of telephony experience, a strong Canadian team to support you, a massive install base, proprietary devices, and enterprise-grade support.

Avaya Cloud Office gives you an all-in-one experience:

  • One Number – A business or toll-free number for every user that’s fax and SMS enabled
  • One App – one intuitive interface for all your needs; computer, tablet, mobile or phone
  • One Platform – completely integrated solution offering calling, messaging, meeting, analytics, and more
  • One Provider – white glove, end-to-end support including devices and services

And this is just the beginning. As time progresses, Avaya will be adding a variety of exciting features to the platform, including more devices, migration tools, and contact centre integration.

Earn more with Ingram Micro

Selling Avaya Cloud Office is easy. Profiting from selling this solution is even easier with the help of Ingram Micro. Right now, Avaya is offering up to 7x Monthly Recurring Revenue. With no mandatory certifications, hardware purchases, sales quotas, or investment needed, there is truly no better time to be selling cloud communications.

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