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The Total Economic Impact of Surface Devices with Microsoft 365

When investing in technology-driven solutions, organizations are looking for a system where their return-on-investment is maximized and employees’ productivity is boosted. A recent Forrester Consulting study, “Achieving Digital Business Transformation with Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5,” interviewed and surveyed hundreds of customers using Microsoft 365 powered Surface devices across seven countries. Here is what the study found about the economic impact and benefits of Surfaces Devices with Microsoft 365:

Day-to-Day Tasks

Employees gained five hours of productive time per week on typical daily tasks and business processes by improving communication, information sharing and business workflows using Microsoft 365 on Surface.

Creative Work

When it comes to creative work such as design, product development and marketing, workers saved 27 minutes per day on menial tasks by utilizing collaboration features in Skype and Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Surface accessories including the Pen and Dial.

Note-Taking and Presenting

Gone are the days of struggling with cords and dried out markers or pens. Over three hours each workweek were saved on menials tasks like note-taking and projecting presentations using Microsoft 365 Enterprise powered Surface devices. Employees were able to cut this time down by taking notes or creating a digital whiteboard on the app OneNote with the Pen and projecting their Surface device’s screen using the Hub along with Miracast.


At most corporations, very little can be done without the approval of executives. High-level, bureaucratic decisions were accelerated by nearly 21%. Senior leadership teams were able to collaborate, send feedback and sign documents in real-time. By using the Pen and Surface’s touchscreen to quickly sign documents instead of having to print out contracts, sign them, scan them and send them back.

Product development

Overhead costs for product development were reduced by 11% due to improved task prioritization, more collaborative research and development and better data and analytics management.

Remote or Field Workers

Mobile workers saved over 11% of the average workweek because of the remote access features and mobility capabilities of the Microsoft 365 Enterprise combined with the Surface. These features include eSIM and up to 13.5 hours of battery life which allows employees to work anywhere, all day with no charge or Wi-Fi connection.

Information Technology

IT technicians spend (and waste) a lot of time setting up new devices and teaching staff how to utilize them. This is no longer than the case with the Microsoft 365 Surface devices. These employees saved two and a half hours for every application provisioning request as well as over 25 minutes for each device configuration. The combination of the device, application and security configuration with the provisioning synergies of Microsoft Surface, Windows AutoPilot, Windows 10, and EMS radically optimized IT productivity.

Help Desk

It’s very frustrating to have to call the help desk whenever a password is forgotten or submit a ticket for every minor issue. Due to the stability of the Microsoft 365 Surface, help desk password resets were reduced by over 86% while application performance related tickets were reduced by 15%.


Nowadays, security breaches are a threat to all businesses. With two-factor authentication, Advanced Threat Analytics and Surface Enterprise Management Mode, your organization does not have to worry.  Security breach remediation costs were reduced by nearly $1 million and while the number of annual breaches were reduced by 50%.

In conclusion, Forrester’s study found that organization based on the customers they surveyed experienced benefits of $21.06 million over three years versus costs of $9.93 million adding up to a net present value of $11.13 million and a return on investment of 112%. The economic impact of Surface Devices on Microsoft 365 for a business is not only notable, but substantial.

Contact your local Microsoft dealer for more information on making the switch to Surface devices powered with Microsoft 365.

Visit this link to download the full report.