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The Future of Tech with Microsoft Surface

When computers were first introduced for use in business they were quite cumbersome, often taking up prime real estate in the office due to their unwieldly size.

Fortunately, we’ve come a long way, making major advancements in technology that allow businesses to be more productive, communicate more efficiently and streamline the customer experience.

Here’s how Microsoft Surface is innovating with the future of technology:

Touch Screens

Touch screens are one of the most exciting recent advancements in technology. They make it a lot easier to bring your work with you. Now if you want to get work done on-the-go, you can leave the keyboard and mouse behind.  

Tablets like the Microsoft Surface have all the capabilities of a laptop but in a much sleeker package. With the variety of sizes and styles they’re available in, you’re sure to find one suited to your business’ needs.

The newest offering, the Surface Go, weighs in at only 1.15 lbs with a 10-inch screen. It comfortably fits into any tote bag, backpack or mid-sized purse or briefcase.

There are also desktop editions like the Surface Studio that boast a stunning 28-inch touchscreen display with a Zero Gravity Hinge that allows it to be used as a tablet or a monitor. Despite being slightly heavier than the Surface Go, it’s still portable enough to bring your work with.


If you prefer a keyboard or are looking for other accessories, Microsoft Surface has you covered. They have a sleek, portable keyboard that doubles as a tablet cover. The intuitive Surface Pen helps transform your tablet into a digital notebook where you can make handwritten notes, sign documents or draw out sketches. There is even a rubber “eraser” so you’ll feel like you’re using a real pencil.

The Modern Workplace

It is important for the modern workplace to successfully integrate technology into their business for an edge against competitors. The latest tools provided by Microsoft can increase employee productivity as well as boost security. According to Murtaza Ali, Inside Sales Team Lead at Microserve, an IT solutions company, one of the most popular ways to modernize your business is to move everything onto the Cloud.

Tech Solutions

One of the many ways you can ensure your business is existing in the future is by moving on-premises e-mail mailboxes to Exchange Online. Microserve also highly recommends on-premises migration to Office 365. This means moving Outlook email accounts that would typically only be available for use at the office onto a cloud-based server.

On-premises migration allows employees, freelancers and remote workers to stay in touch to function better as a team as well as keeps clients and customers in the loop. Mobilizing a business communications services is crucial for a modern workplace. The portability of the Microsoft Surfaces is also ideal for businesses if they want to become mobile because employees can truly take their work with them on the go. “Desk space is becoming increasingly expensive and remote working is more popular therefore moving applications and documents to the cloud is one of the best ways to modernize your business,” says Ali.

This is one of the many tech solutions Microserve can implement in your business. As one of IMs key vendors, Microserve can help modernize your workplace. The Microsoft Surface touchscreen devices, specifically, can help your business digitally transform its operations while impressing employees and customers alike.

The possibilities for technological advancement are virtually endless! Contact Microserve today to discover how technology can solve your problems and join other companies in embracing the future.