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The Evolution of LED

Living in a digital world where the possibilities for what can be done online are seemingly endless, we sometimes forget that traditional advertising methods – like signage – are still an extremely effective way to reach a wide audience of potential customers. For your next big marketing campaign, consider an investment in your business’ future by choosing LED display signage.

How It Has Evolved

Gone are the static, boring posters of the past as digital signage has taken over the advertising industry. Today’s displays are easy to use, more cost-effective and possess more opportunities to be engaging and dynamic. Digital screens are used to create compelling interactive visual experiences while LED signage makes it easier to showcase information in a variety of lighting environments with crystal clear displays and anti-glare technology.

If you’ve been thinking about digital signage here are just a few reasons why you should seriously consider it:

Brighter More Vibrant Screens and Displays

Breath-taking, immersive imagery and video can be displayed to engage and captivate audiences. The screens offered by Samsung are ideal for digital signage offering vibrant images with a wider viewing angle allowing people to see the information on display clearly from far away. The colours brighter and the contrast higher, to ensure the content your business wants to display is true to life on a larger than life display. Dispense with the worry about the colours of your logo being slightly off.


Whether you need signage in a shopping mall or a lobby in a business building, the sky is the limit. The Samsung LED screens are completely customizable to suit your specific needs. The screens can be installed in a variety of sizes and configurations. This digital signage solution works for both retail and corporate environments.


Say goodbye to frustrating installation processes that take up hours of precious time as you welcome in Samsung LED screens. The IF series boasts an advanced design with its compatible DirectMount kit. The bezel-less displays don’t require tools, screws or nails – you simply slide and mount each individual screen into the hooks provided in the kit. In a matter of minutes, your display will be up and running. It also simplifies any necessary repairs or maintenance because screens can be easily removed from the hooks as well.

Longer Life 

The average lifespan of a Samsung LED screen is 100,000 hours. If you do the math, that works out to more than 10 years! You can rest easy that your digital signage will go the distance.

Lower Costs and Environmentally-Friendly

Messaging, graphics and advertisements can be revised or updated with the click of a button. There is no cost associated with printing fees or lighting a gigantic billboard. The new displays are energy efficient and paperless. Out with the old and in the new!

For more information on how Samsung can provide you with the best digital signage for business messaging available, talk to your local Samsung sales representative. Promote your business on a large scale in a larger than life way today with an LED display. 

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