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The Easiest Way to Share Content at Work

Turn your conference room into a hub of collaboration with the Polycom Pano. Gone are the days of meetings where everyone had their own handwritten or printed notes, making it difficult for everyone to be on the same page – figuratively AND literally. Modern technology, such as the Polycom Pano, makes it much simpler for us to work together by sharing content. This handy power content sharing device allows teams to compare information side-by-side, play up to four 1080p videos at once and even marks up documents with the “magic highlighter” all in 4k resolution.

Here are some reasons why the Polycom Pano is the easiest way to share content at work:


Virtually anyone – regardless technological skill (or lack thereof) – can set up the Polycom Pano. It can connect to any HD display or projector that has an HDMI input within minutes. There are also some touch displays supported. You can view a list of the approved vendors on the Polycom website.


The second you walk into a meeting space you can share content using the Polycom Pano. Unlike the competition, there are no pucks or wires needed. Users can share their screens on their devices using Airplay, Miracast or the Polycom Pano App. It is also manageable from the Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager or through the built-in web portal.


In addition to the ease of, the Polycom Pano can connect to pretty much every device on the market today. Devices include Windows PCs (7, 8.1 & 10), Apple PCs, Android phones, Apple phones and tablets. This means that everyone in your conference room will be able to contribute to the meeting, regardless of what device they use making collaboration even easier.


With the Polycom Pano, no “meeting leader” is necessary. Up to four people can share the content they’ve created from their device with the room at once. This content includes full-motion video with audio, images, presentations and even a live camera feed.


The Polycom Pano can be utilized on non-touch screens which allows for various content streams to be shared. However, if you add a touch screen, it transforms a collaboration hub. You can collaborate with whiteboarding, ideation and sharing of full motion content from your own device. Touchscreens become exponentially more interactive when combined with this content sharing device.

Polycom Pano truly brings the process of sharing content at work to another level. Your team can seamlessly create, connect and share using this convenient device meaning everyone in your meeting space will always be on the same page. To learn more about the device, check out the 5x5 guide, the datasheet and the customer FAQ.