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The Best of Microsoft – From Office 365 to Skype

Get the absolute best from your Microsoft Surface device by using the best tools and applications Microsoft has to offer. Office 365, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and Skype are all designed to be used on Surface devices. They can be used together to create the ultimate user experience by allowing users to efficiently create, collaborate, capture and communicate.

Here are some key details on each of these tools:


Office 365 is Microsoft’s work cloud office suite. It includes familiar Microsoft programs such as Word for word processing, PowerPoint for presentations, Excel for spreadsheets, Outlook for emailing and more. Unlike other office suites, these applications can be used both online and offline. This means you can work on presentations or write important documents while you’re on the move. It also includes various other productivity and communication tools like Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Teams is the new chat-based workspace that exists within Office 365. Fully interactive, it’s a lot faster than going back and forth via email, allowing groups to share files, documents and information in one place in real time. Teams combine pre-existing Microsoft technology to create the best communication experience for group work. It uses Azure Active Directory to confirm the identities of team members, Sharepoint to create an online workspace and Exchange Online to create group chats within it. Being a cloud-based service means people within the workspace don’t necessarily have to be physically near each other, making group work easier than it’s ever been.


OneDrive is Microsoft’s storage application. It allows for seamless communication between devices by easily backing up, storing and sharing documents, photos and videos. Providing a backbone for all the other Microsoft tools and services, it ensures they are working together and functioning at their best capability. You don’t even have to worry about complicated installation processes as it’s pre-installed into all Microsoft devices with Windows.


Skype is Microsoft’s leading communication tool. It facilitates real-time communication and can make you feel like someone halfway across the world is sitting in the same room as you. Make regular calls or video calls using Skype which will likely be able to accommodate you no matter what size your group is. The application hosts Town Halls with up to 10,000 participants. If you need to remember what’s said in a certain meeting or transcribe an interview, Skype has the ability to record calls. If you require IT help or want to demonstrate how to do something on a device for someone, Skype has easy screen sharing technology. It is Microsoft’s best multi-faceted communication tool.

Microsoft has multiple different plans available for purchase. This makes it easier to find a suite of tools tailored to your needs and budget. Many of these plans come with 1 TB of OneDrive storage and an unlimited number of users. However, some options even have unlimited storage with unlimited users as well.

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