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Switch to LTE for Productivity Anywhere, Anytime

Does your company have a lot of teams that are required to work in the field? It can often be a struggle to reach out to team members who are in transit or at off-site workspaces. Public Wi-fi is not only unreliable but also has the added issue of being an unsafe network to share sensitive data. If there’s anything from a problem that needs solving to an emergency or crisis, connecting to off-site employees can cause even more chaos. If you want to create a dependable and consistent network for your employees, you need to make the switch to LTE.

What is LTE?

LTE (Long-Term Evolution) is a standard for wireless communications between mobile devices or other data terminals at ultra-high-speeds. Commercial LTE systems have not yet been developed in every country in the world so we are very fortunate to have it functioning in Canada. If you’ve ever been able to access the internet using your mobile device that was not connected to Wi-fi, you are familiar with the technology used to power LTE. 3G, or third generation, is the more commonly used technology. LTE is essentially an upgraded improved version of 3G.

Peace of Mind

If you run a business, you’ll feel a lot more at ease knowing you have direct and speedy access to your team members no matter where they are. Inversely, your team members will have the assurance of being able to communicate with you or their other co-workers at the drop of a hat. There’s no need to fret over potentially risky situations with LTE.

Surface Go for Business with LTE

LTE technology combined with Surface Go for Business means your company can have a streamlined program running reliably on all of their individual devices. If they need to make a sale or inquiry while on the move, the customer will not be kept waiting. Surface Go devices are equipped with 5 MP front-facing camera, making video calls easier than ever. Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams are both included in Surface Go for Business for high-quality mobile communication.[1] Surface Go devices are lightweight with long-lasting battery life for ultimate portability with all of the utilities of a desktop computer. They are guaranteed to perform with the high-speed connectivity of LTE, making it a match made in heaven.

LTE Advanced

If you want to get more out of your Surface Go devices, consider the LTE advanced option. It has even faster data speeds and performance, more accessible coverage and higher stability. Your team will be able to download files with an incredible 450Mbps download speed. LTE advanced means connectivity in multiple countries around the world using the support 22 LTE bands, and the highest quality Cat 9 modem.[2]

Switch to LTE today to get the most out of your team members and your Surface Go for Business. Join the future.


[1] 1-month trial for new Microsoft Office 365 customers

[2] 1 Service availability and performance subject to service provider’s network. Contact your service provider for details, compatibility, pricing, SIM card, and activation. See all specs and frequencies at