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Surface Powers Your Transformation to Modern Management

Organizations, users, and customers are increasingly more connected and more mobile than ever before. This new era of work and the modern workplace require innovative devices to engage and collaborate with partners and customers, optimize operations, and improve security. Start your modern workplace transition by adopting Microsoft Surface and modern management.

Microsoft Surface is a Must-Have for the Modern Desktop

A modern desktop is adaptable to users’ needs and comes with Windows 10, Office 365 ProPlus, plus Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). It is the most productive, secure environment for the user, and, to top it off, has the lowest total cost of ownership. Microsoft Surface for Business – built for the modern user – amplifies the benefits of why you should move to a modern desktop. Surface and Microsoft 365 offer the benefits of reduction in costs, freeing up time for other investments, and refining the user experience.

Modern management embraces the needs of users and the changing environment. Workers can find a working environment that is adaptable to their styles of work, such as more self-service options and seamless setup. Admins can also easily manage users’ devices from cloud-based services, regardless of where the user is physically located.

Microsoft Surface Offers Modern Hardware and Software

Legacy IT processes can act as blockers to transition to modern management. While Microsoft’s Windows 10 has full mobile device management capabilities built-in, device manufacturers who have not embraced modern management can impede total transformation to modern management. Microsoft Surface offers both modern hardware and software built to take advantage of Windows 10 management capabilities.

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